Useful Spanish phrases for your next visit to Mexico City (Nice photos included!)

Hola, my name is José Lira, I live in Monterrey, México and this is my first guest post here at Viva Language Services (and I am very happy about that!). I was born in México but my accent (and thus my writing) leans toward American English because I lived there for some time, so please pardon any “English sacrileges” I might throw your way. Let’s just have fun and learn some Spanish together!
Today I would like to share a few things that caught my attention last time I visited Mexico City and use those situations to practice a few useful Spanish phrases you might use in a similar scenario. Who knows, you might learn something or you might buy a plane ticket by the end of this post. Let’s get started!

Mexico City Cathedral

This is one of the most interesting places to visit in the city, it is a historic landmark built on top of an Aztec temple around 1540. (Este es uno de los lugares más interesantes para visitar en la ciudad, es un lugar histórico que fue construido sobre un templo azteca alrededor de mil quinientos cuarenta). Learn more about Numbers here: Spanish numbers 1-1000

Let´s look at a few phrases you might use if you were walking around the downtown area of Mexico City (Veamos algunas frases que podrías usar si estuvieras caminando en el centro de la Ciudad de México).

Excuse me, which way should I go to find the Cathedral?
Disculpe, ¿por dónde debo ir para encontrar la Catedral?

Hi, I am a little confused, which way is the cathedral?
Hola, estoy un poco confundido, para qué rumbo está la catedral?

How far is the cathedral from here?
¿Qué tan lejos está la catedral de aquí?

Do you know of an inexpensive restaurant near the cathedral?
¿Conoce algún restaurant económico cerca de la catedral?

Tip for the adventurous (Consejo para los aventureros):

Next to the cathedral, you will find several food stalls selling regional specialties, some of them from prehispanic times, such as the “Tlacoyo” shown in this picture. (A un lado de la catedral, encontrarás muchos puestos de comida que venden especialidades regionales, algunas de ellas vienen desde tiempos prehispánicos, como el “Tlacoyo” mostrado en esta imagen):

Although you might think it looks a little weird, it is a delicious dish (and a nutricious one). The base is made with blue cornmeal and it is topped with beans, “nopales” (to learn about nopales see: Info about Nopales), coriander, red salsa, cheese and onions. It is an aztec vegetarian delicacy.
(Aunque tal vez pienses que se ve algo extraño, este es un platillo delicioso (y nutritivo). La base está hecha con harina maíz negro y está cubierto con frijoles, nopales, cilantro, salsa roja, queso y cebolla. Es un manjar vegetariano azteca.)

Well, that´s it for today, thanks for visiting, tell your friends about us and come back soon! =)

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