Expressing your likes and dislikes in Spanish: Me gusta(n) / (I like)

The verb “to like” in Spanish is “gustar” and it works differently to most verbs. You also need a pronoun at the beginning to say who likes it. It works backwards, so really you are saying ” X pleases me” – “Me gusta X“.

you like: te gusta
he/she likes: le gusta
we like: nos gusta
you (all) like: os gusta
they like: les gusta

* Add “n” to “gusta” if the thing that you like or dislike is plural.

Me gusta el queso: I like cheese.
Me gustan las aceitunas: I like olives.

* If you are using a verb, use the singular “gusta”.

Me gusta nadar.: I like to swim.

Read on for different ways to express what you like or dislike in Spanish:

Saying what you like in Spanish:

Me gusta(n) …: I like … e.g. Me gusta pasear. I like walking.
Me gusta(n) bastante …: I quite like … e.g. Me gusta bastante la paella. I quite like paella.
Me gusta(n) mucho …: I like a lot … e.g. Me gusta mucho bailar. I really like dancing.
Me encanta(n) …: I love … e.g. Me encanta el vino tinto. I love red wine.
Me chifla(n) …: I’m crazy about/I love … e.g. Me chiflan las motos. I’m crazy about motorbikes.
Me mola(n) …: It’s really cool … e.g. Me mola la música de los años ochenta. Music from the 80’s is really cool.
Me apetece(n) …: I feel like … e.g. Me apetece un helado. I feel like an ice-cream.
Prefiero …: I prefer … e.g. Prefiero la carne al pescado. I prefer meat to fish.

Saying what you don’t like in Spanish:

No me gusta(n) …: I don’t like … e.g. No me gusta cocinar. I don’t like cooking.
No me gusta(n) nada …: I don’t like … at all. e.g. No me gusta nada bailar. I don’t like dancing at all.
Odio …: I hate … e.g. Odio el pescado. I hate fish.
Detesto …: I hate … e.g. Detesto el fútbol. I hate football.
Aborrezco …: I loathe … e.g. Aborrezco las arañas. I loathe spiders.
Me disgusta(n) …: It upsets me … e.g. Me disgusta que me mintieras. I’m upset you lied to me.
Me fastidia(n) …: It annoys me … e.g. Me fastidian las moscas. Flies annoy me.
Me molesta(n) …: It bothers me … e.g. Me molesta su arrogancia. His/her arrogance bothers me.

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