The Mexican Revolution

Exploring the history behind the national holidays of a country is a great way to learn about its culture and the historic events that have shaped modern times. In this short article we will take a look at a few historic events related to the Mexican Revolution, as well as some of the most iconic events related to the celebration of this holiday in the present.

The Mexican Revolution is one of the most important historic events of the country. It was a major armed struggle that lasted about 10 years and started back in 1910. The Mexican Revolution started with an uprising by Francisco Madero against the man who had been the president of Mexico for 34 years, Porfirio Diaz in order to get a true democracy and freedom of speech. After a few years, this armed struggle changed from a political revolt into a long-term Civil War that fought for a better distribution of wealth among the general population. After many years of struggles, the Mexican Constitution of 1917 was defined and it started many important social and political changes that led to what we know as Mexico today.

The following video shows footage of the Mexican Revolution, as well as a few interviews that talk about some of the most important social and political changes that took place after the Mexican Revolution (they are a great opportunity for you to practice your listening and comprehension skills).




Mexico is a country with a rich historic and cultural background that has a lot to offer to its visitors. You can learn about interesting places to visit in Mexico over here: Interesting Places to visit in Mexico

In Mexico, November 20 is considered a national holiday. Next we’ll take a look at a few videos that show examples of how this holiday is celebrated.

Little kids at School:

Many elementary schools have “Mexican Revolution Day”. Kids dress up in typical costumes and they have “traditional Mexican snacks” at school along with games and songs. This short clip shows a few kids having fun at school (it is also a great opportunity for you to practice your Spanish comprehension skills):




There are also many elementary schools that have music festivals related to this National Holiday. This video shows one of them:




The Mexican Revolution Parades:

Several cities across Mexico organize parades to celebrate this holiday as well. In this video you can take a look at a parade that took place in Oaxaca in the south of Mexico:




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