When to use articles in Spanish

When should you use articles in Spanish?

When people first start to learn Spanish they first need to learn the basics such as how to say “the” in Spanish. This is called the definite article and in Spanish there are four different articles depending on whether the noun is masculine, singular, feminine or plural:

  • Masculine, singular nouns use “el”:

el libro = the book

  • Feminine, singular nouns use “la”:

la casa = the house

  • Masculine, plural nouns use “los”:

los chicos = the boys

  • Feminine, singular nouns use “las”:

las chicas = the girls

The problem comes when you start to see these words used everywhere often when we wouldn’t need to say “the” in English.

In this blog post we will look at when you need to remember to use the definite articles in Spanish: Continue reading

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