Spanish idiomatic expressions

Useful everyday expressions using “Tener”

“Tener” (to have) is perhaps one of the most useful verbs to know in Spanish because apart from being used to express possession, it has many other everyday uses. In this post we will look at some of the most common idiomatic expressions using “tener”. (Idiomatic expressions are just phrases that cannot be understood by translating literally.) Continue reading

Spanish “Tener” phrases (useful everyday phrases)

“Tener” is mainly used in Spanish to describe possession, however, it is also used in several idiomatic expressions which translate into English as “to be”, such as the following:

Tener (mucho) calorTo be (very) hot
Tengo calor.I am hot.

Tener (mucho) fríoTo be (very) cold
Juan tiene frío. Juan is cold. Continue reading

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