Spanish food

2 Useful Spanish phrases

(1) Acabar de + infinitive (To have just …)
(2) Estar a punto de + infinitive (To be about to …)

(1) Acabar de + infinitive

This is the structure in Spanish to talk about the very recent past, to say what has just happened. You can use this in various tenses:

Present tense:
Acabo de comer. I have just eaten. (a few minutes ago) Continue reading

Receta de Churros (Churros recipe) [en español e inglés]

Los churros son unas pastas típicamente españolas. Estas pastas dulces suelen mojarse en chocolate deshecho y suele ser el almuerzo del domingo para muchas personas. Los churros son muy simples de hacer y, una vez fritos se conservan durante unos días aunque siempre están más buenos si son acabados de hacer. (Churros are typical Spanish pastries. These sweet pastries are usually dipped in melted chocolate and many people usually have them for a Sunday lunch. Churros are simple to make and once fried keep well for a few days although they are always better when freshly made.) Continue reading

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