Dia dos Namorados

Valentine’s day in Brazil or Portugal?

Valentines heartFebruary in Brazil is all about Carnival! Huge parades, parties and general indulgences are the norm for this month in South America´s largest country. So it´s no surprise that Valentine´s Day isn´t really a big thing over there. Actually in Brazil they celebrate their ‘Dia dos Namorados’ (Lovers´s Day) on the 12th June. Celebrations are similar to those in the UK and the US: exchanging chocolates, flowers and having a lovely romantic dinner.

In Portugal however, they do celebrate the 14th February as Saint Valentine´s day. They also celebrate in similar style to those of us in the UK or US by sending chocolates, cards and flowers. Some lucky lovers however take it one step further. It is traditional in Portugal to send women gift baskets full of gourmet goodies and for women to send men similar baskets filled with delightful liqueurs!

So if you have the chance to spend Valentine´s day abroad this year, I know which of the two I would go to!
Just remember that in Brazil you tell your loved one ‘Te Amo’ and in Portugal you tell them ‘Amo-te’!! Just one of the other slight differences between these two historically, linguistically and culturally linked countries!

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