Chinese Christmas phrases

Mandarin Christmas phrases

With Christmas almost here, maybe those people who are learning Chinese would like to learn a few Christmas-related words? Here are some seasonal greetings and festive words in Mandarin:

  1. 圣诞节 sheng dan jie: Christmas
  2. 圣诞快乐 sheng dan kuai le: Merry Christmas
  3. 圣诞老人 sheng dan lao ren: Father Christmas
  4. 驯鹿 xun lu: reindeer
  5. 雪橇 xue qiao: sleigh
  6. 烟囱 yan cong: chimney
  7. 圣诞树 sheng dan shu: Christmas tree
  8. 圣诞袜 sheng dan wa: Christmas stockings
  9. 圣诞礼物 sheng dan li wu: Christmas presents
  10. 烤火鸡 kao huo ji: roast turkey
  11. 圣诞布丁 sheng dan bu ding: Christmas pudding
  12. 平安夜 ping an ye: Christmas Eve
  13. 圣诞日 sheng dan ri: Christmas Day
  14. 狂欢日 kuang huan ri: Boxing Day
  15. 新年快乐 xin nian kuai le: Happy New Year!

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