How to say Thank You & You’re Welcome in Spanish

Thank you in SpanishBeing able to say “thank you” and “you are welcome” is perhaps one of the first things anyone wants to learn to say in another language. It is the best way to show that you have good manners and appreciate what someone has done for you.

When you are learning Spanish and go to Spain on holiday you might need to say, “thank you” at the hotel when talking to the receptionist, when asking someone for directions in the street or when the taxi driver helps you with your luggage.

In this blog post we will teach you the most common ways to say thank you in Spanish:

Saying thank you

Gracias – thank you
Muchas gracias – thank you very much
Muchísimas gracias – Thank you very much (more emphasised/intense)
Gracias por todo – Thanks for everything
Mil gracias – A thousand thanks
Gracias de antemano – Thank you in advance

Expressing Gratitude

The key verb you need is “agradecer”to be grateful.


Te agradezco (mucho) – I’m (really) grateful to you (talking to 1 person)
Os agradezco (mucho) – I’m (really) grateful to all of you (talking to 2 or more people)

Formally: (if you don’t know the person or are in a more formal situation or if they are older than you.)

Le agradezco – I am grateful to you (talking to 1 person)
Les agradezco – I am grateful to you all (talking to 2 or more people)

If you want to say, “We are grateful to you”:

Te agradecemos – We are grateful to you.
[Again, you can change “Te” to “Os”, “Le” or “Les” as above.]

Another variation that some people find easier to remember is:
Estoy agradecido por tu ayuda – I am grateful for your help
(If you are male and speaking informally)

If you are female and speaking informally you would change this to:
Estoy agradecida por tu ayuda – I am grateful for your help

If there are two or more of you and are male of a mixture of males and females, you would say:
Estamos agradecidos por tu ayuda – We are grateful for your help

If you are all female you would say:
Estamos agradecidas por tu ayuda. – We are grateful for your help.

To make this formal you would just change “tu” to “su”:
Estamos agradecidas por su ayuda.

Other ways to express gratitude

Dar las gracias – to give thanks
e.g. Quiero darte las gracias por … – I want to thank you for …
e.g. Queremos darte las gracias por …. – We want to give thanks for …
Lo aprecio mucho – I really appreciate it
Me has ayudado mucho – You have really helped me
Eres una estrella – You are a star (estrella is always feminine)

Saying you are welcome

De nada – You are welcome
No hay problema – No problem
No hay de qué – Don’t mention it
No te preocupes – Don’t worry about it
Un placer – A pleasure

Often you just want to say thank you back to them.
Gracias a ti – Thanks to you (informal)
Gracias a usted – Thanks to you (formal)

If you just learn a few of the above phrases to say thank you to people in Spanish it will show that you are a polite and thankful person who appreciates their help. It will go a long way to help you start making friends and integrating with the locals.

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