The Most Useful Languages to Learn in 2020!

Useful languages in 2020One of your new year plans may be to learn a foreign language and you are wondering which language would be most worth learning.

Some people choose to learn a particular language because they have friends or family who are native speakers and they would like to speak to them in that language.

Another good reason to learn a language is to create more job opportunities for yourself or if your company has offices in other countries and you would like to work abroad.

Other people are simply interested in the country and the culture of where they speak that language.

However, if you just want to challenge yourself or do something new and are not sure which is the best language for you to learn, read on – in this blog post we will try to inspire you with the best languages to learn in 2020:

1) Mandarin Chinese

As well as being the most spoken language in the world with over 1.3 billion native speakers it is perhaps the best language to learn for business.

China will have the fastest growing economy in 2020 making it a very wise choice of language to learn.

It is also a great skill to have and being able to tell people that you are learning Mandarin will really impress them. As you have seen with Mark Zuckerberg who has been learning Mandarin since 2014.

2) Arabic

Arabic is an important language to learn if you plan to do business in the Middle East. It can also make you sound intelligent and interesting.

By learning Arabic you will also be able to appreciate their rich culture; literature, music and way of life.

There is high demand for fluent speakers of Arabic in the Western world as many businesses deal with offices in Arabic speaking countries as well as a need for Arabic translators and interpreters. Other industries that require Arabic speakers includes banking and finance, education and intelligence.

Read more about the top reasons to learn Arabic.

3) German

Germany has the largest economy in Europe with GDP of $4.0 trillion. It is an important language for international business.
German is the official language in 6 countries; Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
German is spoken by about 100 million people.

4) Spanish

Spanish is spoken by 480 million people worldwide. It isn’t just spoken in Spain but in most South American countries (Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia) as well as Mexico. By learning Spanish you will find travelling and possibly working in these countries much easier and it can also help you make friends across the world.

Once you have learnt Spanish it will be easier to then go on to learn other Latin based languages such as French and Italian.
Although Spanish speakers are known to speak fast, Spanish is also known as one of the “easier” foreign languages for English speakers to learn. Read more about learning Spanish here: How long will it take to learn Spanish?

5) French

French is in the top 5 foreign languages to learn in the future according to the British Council.
It is spoken by more than 76 million people as their first language and 100-200 million people as their second language.

It is also spoken in Quebec and Sub-Saharan Africa not just France. It is the official language in 11 countries such as Ecuatorial Guinea, Togo, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Congo, Cameroon alongside other indigenous languages.

If you plan to take holidays in France or move there for work or retirement it would be a really useful language to learn.

6) Portuguese

Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world with approximately 220 million native speakers. It is the official language in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Angola and São Tomé.

It is also one of the British Council’s top ten languages to learn for the future.

Portuguese, like Spanish is known to be one of the easier languages to learn making it a popular choice.

Discover more reasons to learn Portuguese here “10 Reasons to Learn Portuguese”.

Whichever language you would like to learn we can help you arrange lessons with a qualified tutor who will help you build a firm foundation in the language. Contact us today to discuss language tuition.

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