Enjoy learning Spanish by listening to songs!

Listen to “Escapar” (Escape) by Enrique Iglesias

A popular and fun way to improve your Spanish can be achieved effortlessly through listening to songs in Spanish.

To get the most out of this activity, read the lyrics whilst listening to the song.



Aunque corras, no puedes escaparAlthough you run, you can’t escape 
Ves, tú y yoSee, you and I
es asíit’s like that
sube y bajaup and down
pero un día al finbut one day in the end
sin quereraccidentally
nos va bienwe’ll be ok
cuando uno ha dicho se acabówhen one says it’s over
una voza voice
dice no / says no
y se queda.and it remains.

[Estribillo:] / [Chorus:]

Si decides dejarme / If you decide to leave me
no te voy a suplicarI’m not going to beg you
allá tú si más tardeyou will see later
aunque corras, te escondasalthough you run, you hide
no puedes escaparyou can’t escape
aunque corras, te escondas, no puedes escapar. / although you run, you hide, you can’t escape.
Hoy si te vasToday if you leave
ya verásyou’ll see
que no es tan fácil olvidarit’s not so easy to forget
sale bien / it goes well
sale malit goes bad
como sea, pero es tan realhowever, but it is so real
que al finalthat in the end
lo demásthe rest
no te importadoesn’t matter

[Estribillo:] / [Chorus:]

Correrás,You’ll run,
te esconderás,you’ll hide
pero no te escaparás. (x2)but you won’t escape. (x2)
Hoy una vozToday a voice
dice nosays no
y se queda.and it stays the same.
Corre y dime adiós.Run and say to me goodbye.

[Estribillo:] (x2) / [Chorus:] (x2)

You can run, You can run, You can run …..
You can run, You can run, You can run …..
Correrás, nunca vas a escapar,You’ll run, you’ll never escape,
Correrás, correrás, nunca vas a escapar.
You’ll run, you’ll run, you’re never going to escape.
You can run, You can run.  
You can run, You can run. 
Aunque corras, no puedes escapar.
Although you run, you can’t escape.

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