The benefits of learning a language with a private tutor

Why invest in a private language tutor when there are so many self-learning products available or you can enrol on a college course?

Read on and you will discover the beauty of private tuition and how it will help you achieve your dream of speaking another language sooner than you think!

10 advantages of private language tuition

1. Progress fast! With one-to-one lessons the focus is entirely on you. You will be amazed at how much can be covered in one hour. Clients that I have taught have surprised their friends and family after telling them that even within a few lessons they could count up to 1000, tell the time, greet people and order drinks all in Spanish.

2. You are in charge. You decide exactly what you want to learn and the lessons will be created to achieve your goals within a certain time frame. Whether you want to practice general conversation, learn complex grammar structures, learn how to order food and drink, chat to locals about the football, buy a new mobile phone or DIY phrases to refurbish your property abroad, your private tutor will cater for this.

3. Learn for a specific purpose. You may be planning to work abroad, emigrate or be studying for the DELE or “Institute of Linguists” exams. Lessons will be developed to meet whatever purpose you are learning for.

4. Learn at your own pace. Some topics you may find easier than others. You can move on faster and spend longer on the trickier topics. Your tutor works with you and will adapt the course to suit your learning speed and style.

5. Individual one-to-one attention. In an evening class at a college, however small the class is, you are likely to be of mixed abilities and levels. You may feel intimidated by those that are more advanced than you, and therefore reluctant to participate, meaning you are not getting the most out of the lessons. Similarly, if you are more advanced, you may feel like you are wasting your time going over what you already know.

6. Less intimidating situation. By learning individually with a patient and friendly tutor in your own home, you will feel more at ease and relaxed meaning that you can concentration better and will learn much quicker. If you are shy and nervous in a class situation, then private tuition is ideal.

7. Pay-as-you-learn. Unlike with a college course, you only pay for the lesson that you have. You do not have to pay for a set of 12 lessons in advance. Therefore if you are ill, you do not lose any money or get left behind and struggle to catch up.

8. Flexible learning. You may have a busy schedule, have changing shift patterns at work or travel a lot. Private tutors appreciate this and can vary the day and time of lessons week to week.

9. Ask more questions. There are some excellent CD/mp3 courses available but you cannot ask questions or ask for further explanations if something is unclear. A private tutor will not only teach you the words, phrases and grammar rules, but you will USE and PRACTICE these in real-life situations and receive helpful tutor feedback.

10. Affordable and cost-effective. Private lessons aren’t as expensive as you think. VLS lessons start from £10. Because you are progressing quickly and getting more out of each lesson, ultimately you may spend less than on enrolling on college courses and buying CD’s.

To enquire about private lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese or Mandarin Chinese, call or email Fiona who will be happy to discuss the different options available to you.

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