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How to learn Spanish with facebook

facebookworld scaledUsing Facebook is a daily habit for a lot of people these days, so this is an excellent way to build some language learning into your daily life. Here are some tips on how facebook can help you learn or improve a new language.

1. Change your language settings

When you log on to facebook go to “Settings” then “Language” and you can change the language you want to use facebook in. You can also choose which language you want news stories translated into. So now everything is in the language you want to learn:

Like = Me gusta
Comment = Comentario
Share = Compartir
Messages = Mensajes
Send message = Enviar Mensaje
Home = Inicio
Search – Buscar Continue reading

Learn Spanish through songs

Enrique Iglesias – Duele el corazón (The heart hurts)



Solo en tu boca, yo quiero acabar
Only in your mouth, I want to finish
Todos esos besos que te quiero dar
All those kisses that I want to give you
A mí no me importa que duermas con él
I don’t care that you sleep with him
Porque sé que sueñas con poderme ver
Because I know you dream about seeing me
Continue reading

Tips for Mandarin Beginners (Part III)

Chinese books scaledTip 3: Reading

Reading is another way to absorb information, reading is more formal than spoken language. Which is why you need a higher level of understanding of the language with written words, phrases and idioms. The easiest way to remember these is to set up a collection note book and keep the words in different categories, for example, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns and so on. Keep topping up your collection with new higher level words every few days, finally you will have created your own useful word collection. Continue reading

Tips for Mandarin Beginners (Part II)

Speaking tip scaledSpeaking

Speaking is the main aim when learning a new language. 80% of information is transferred through speaking. There are a certain number of words, phrases and idioms that you need to learn to get by when speaking a language. You do not need to know every word in a language to communicate effectively. Read on for some ideas to help your speaking:

Practical Tips:

Continue reading

Top tips & useful resources for reading in a foreign language

Books scaledBeing able to read in a foreign language is a great achievement and something which most people enjoy.
It is an activity that you can fit into your busy schedule whether you have 10 minutes to spare, half an hour or a 3-hour train journey!
Apart from books here we will look at many more useful foreign language reading resources available today. Continue reading

5 reasons why companies should invest in their employees’ language skills

Think Global scaled1. Expand your client base

Multilingual employees are able to attract more bilingual clients allowing you to grow your business globally by tapping into foreign markets.
Multilingual sales staff, customer service and marketing experts can reach out to new customers more effectively if they are speaking in the same language as potential clients. Continue reading

Due to increased demand for company language tuition we need more tutors!

Spanish business“The UK’s education system is failing to produce enough people with foreign-language skills to meet a growing need from business,” according to the CBI.

This may be why we have recently been inundated with requests for language courses for staff and managers in companies across Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. The number of international companies and importers is growing in this region and businesses seem to be recognising that investing in developing employees’ language skills is a wise decision that will bring long-term benefits. We are finding that the most popular languages are Spanish, French and German, with Mandarin becoming increasingly in demand. Continue reading

5 tips to stick to your new year language learning resolution all year!

Hello different languagesLearning a new language is one of the top 10 most popular new year’s resolutions. Here are some tips to help you stick to your resolution all year round:

1. Book a trip or holiday to the country where they speak the language you are learning: If you know you are going to need to speak and understand the language this will motivate you to keep on learning and progressing throughout the year. Once you come back you will probably be even keener to continue with the language. Continue reading

10 tips for learning a language in record time!

good language tutor1. Intensive learning.

A one-hour lesson each week is not enough for you to become fluent within a few months or even a couple of years. You really need to use the language in some way every day; whether this is by listening to a podcast, reading a magazine article or news item, studying grammar, learning vocabulary or writing an email to a friend, for example. If you don’t practise, you forget – simple! Continue reading

Buying time in oral exams

good language tutorGCSE, A-level speaking exam tips

It is natural to be nervous in a speaking exam and therefore you often end up rushing your answer, however it is important to take your time, make sure you have understood the question correctly and give yourself time to form an answer in the best way possible. A useful tip is to use a few short phrases to give yourself a little extra time to think about how you are going to answer.

Here are a few words and expressions you can use:

Bueno, …Well, …

Pues, Well, … Continue reading

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