Advantages of Being Multilingual

advantages of being multilingual

We have often heard that globalization has led to the shrinkage of the world. Only physical boundaries between countries are left. However, if you have access to the internet, you can share your thoughts, interact, and also trade with people living in different parts of the world, all thanks to technology.

In today’s world, if you want to achieve personal growth, you need to step out of a particular region. Also, learning a new language becomes very important. Undoubtedly, a multilingual person will have an edge over someone who knows only one language. The major reason for this is the rapid pace of globalization, which I mentioned earlier, and also, digitalization.

The digital world is booming and not only in English but regional languages are also used on digital platforms. If a businessman or woman wants to grow his or her business internationally, he or she should have the basic knowledge of the language of the target region. These are just a few reasons how being multilingual can help.

However, in this article, we will discuss some of the major advantages of being multilingual.

Better networking skills

A multilingual person will have better networking skills. Learning a new language is not only about vocabulary and words. It is more about learning about a new culture. Whenever you travel somewhere and you talk to a local person in his or her native language, the connection can become much stronger.

Similarly, your clients will also have a better connection with you if you can talk to them in their native language. It will break down barriers and you both feel more comfortable while communicating.

More career opportunities

Being multilingual also benefits those who want to do a job in MNCs. As discussed earlier, people who know more than one language have an edge over people who can only speak just one language. Other than your communication skills, your knowledge of a different language can prove to be a competitive skill whenever you go for an interview.

Not only in a particular sector, but the demand of multilingual employees is increasing in every industry. Be it sales, marketing, or media firms, most multi-national companies look for employees who can speak different languages. As I mentioned earlier, a major reason for this is globalization.

If you are multilingual, you can also apply for positions in companies in different countries. For example, if you speak German and live in Japan, you have a greater chance of obtaining a position within a company that operates in Germany.

Learning a new language improves your memory

The more you use your brain, the better it performs. Learning a new language has advantages but it is also a very complex process. You need to learn and understand a different set of grammatical rules, memorise new vocabulary, new phrases, amongst other things. Not only this, but you need to have the ability to recall all the information when required.

Therefore, your brain goes through a lot of practice and training while learning a new language. This automatically improves your memory and learning power.

You become a multi-tasker

Many people find it very difficult to perform several tasks at the same time. The reason is that the brain is not trained to perform in such a manner. However, when a person learns different languages, the brain becomes more and more active which is necessary if you want to be a multi-tasker.

Relocation becomes easy

If you have plans to relocate and settle in a different country, being multilingual can help you do this. Especially, if you have the knowledge of the region where you are relocating, your stay becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

Many students from India find it very difficult to stay in countries like Cyprus, the Ukraine, and Cyprus as not many natives speak English or Hindi.

Travel is more enjoyable

It is very important to have knowledge about the country where you want to travel. You will connect easily with the natives if you are able to communicate with them in their native language.

Most of the tourists do not have the knowledge of the language where they travel. Therefore, they have to take the help of guides and they bound themselves to visit a certain set of places.

However, you will be happier if you converse with the natives in the language they speak. You may get a chance to explore the unexplored places with the residents of that country. The places that are away from the usual tourist trail.

I do not think you should bound yourself to see only the Eiffel tower when you visit Paris. Talk with the natives and ask them about the places which not many tourists visit, but are amazing. Well, for that, you need to learn French.

You become more confident

Learning new languages helps you build confidence. It is a great morale booster. Being multilingual will help you communicate with different people around the world and you will be able to make new, interesting friends easily.

The learning process can be difficult but there are advantages as well. The positive feedback you get when you are able to talk with natives in their language gives a great boost to your self-confidence.

Author Bio:

Manav Bansal works as a creative content writer at Tabscap. He has been writing articles related to social media, digital media, education, lifestyle and health for two years. Other than this, he loves photography and story writing.


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