7 Good Reasons to Learn a Language During Lockdown

Language learning in lockdownIf you are looking for ways to spend your time at home and do something useful, you might want to think about learning another language. Learning a foreign language can be challenging but fun and definitely worthwhile.

With technology today it has never been easier to learn a foreign language from the comfort of your own home.

In this blog post we will tempt you with these …. good reasons to learn another language.

Broaden your horizons

By learning another language you open doors to another culture, country and way of life. Once you start learning the basics of a language you will be eager to go to a country where it is spoken or to chat to people who speak that language. If you enjoy the language and learn it to a higher level you give yourself opportunities to maybe live and work abroad.

Learning another language not only teaches you how to talk to people from other countries but it will also allow you to learn about other countries, cultures, food, people, art, literature and lifestyles.

Keep an active mind

Studies show that people who learn a foreign language slow the rate of memory loss in later years.
It is thought that, “having two languages exercises specific brain regions and can increase cortical thickness and grey matter density.”

Develop empathy

People who learn another language tend to have greater understanding of other people. By knowing another language you are able to find ways to communicate with people that you wouldn’t be able to normally.

Build friendships

If you can speak another language this allows you to make friends with people from other countries which would not be possible if you remained monolingual.

Create a routine

It can be easy to get bored during lockdown and to waste time. By studying a language at a the same time every day you will find it easier to get into a more structured routine and fill your time constructively. This will have knock-on positive mental benefits to get you through a difficult time.

Challenge yourself

By learning a language you will realise that you can learn new things that may be difficult. Learning a language is by no means easy. It is hard. You will have good days and bad days when you hit stumbling blocks when you think you will never be able to speak that language. By getting through these difficulties you will feel more confident that you can overcome problems. When you look back at your progress you will feel very proud of how far you have come.

Make immediate progress

The good thing about learning a language is that you will see progress from day one. By starting with the basics such as greetings, numbers, the alphabet you will already be able to talk to people who speak the language and understand the time and prices.

As you can see, now may be the perfect time to learn that language you have always wanted to be able to speak. If you would like to learn more about how to get started, signup for our free email course via this blog post: “How to learn Spanish Solo”.

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