Black Friday Offers on Online Spanish Courses

It’s Black Friday week again! This means we are offering all of our online Spanish courses at HALF PRICE until 30th November.

If you have been thinking about learning Spanish for a while but have never found the right time to start, this is the ideal opportunity with lots of us spending more time at home.

Or this could be the ideal, unique Christmas gift for a friend or relative that you know is interested in learning Spanish!

With foreign holidays looking more likely next year, why not use this time to really brush up your Spanish to make your next holiday stress free and more enjoyable by being able to speak some Spanish.

All courses are based on self-study so you simply study whenever you have time to. There is no classroom pressure or deadlines to meet.

In today’s blog post we will tell you about the courses we have on offer.

1) Essential Holiday Spanish – Was £108 Now £54

This is our newest course released this year which has great reviews already.

It is based on real life dialogues between a native Spanish speaker and a tourist in all the usual practical situations on holidays:

What you will learn:

1. Greeting locals
2. Taking a taxi
3. Checking in hotels
4. Ordering food and drinks
5. Ask for directions
6. Shopping
7. Dealing with emergencies

How do I learn?

The course is based on a proven method of study that is simple and fun:

1. Listen to the dialogue and read the script in Spanish with the English translation.
2. Study and learn the key words and phrases.
3. Practise the key phrases with written exercises.
4. Perfect pronunciation with speaking exercises.

How long is the course?

You can study the course as quickly or as slowly as you like. There are 7 modules which you could easily study within one month if you have the time to focus on it.

Study anywhere

All of the listening material, transcripts, vocabulary lists, written and speaking exercises are downloadable so that you can take with you on your phone, tablet or computer wherever you go.

Black Friday Offer

The course is available with a 50% discount for a limited time only – purchase the course at £54 instead of £108 until 30th November with code: BLACKFRIDAY20 in the check out page when you click on the Sign Me up! box here: Online Courses

2) Study Spanish Solo: Was £88 / NOW £44

This course is perfect for people who:

  • want to learn Spanish on their own
  • are complete beginners
  • have little or no experience of language learning
  • do not know where to start
  • learners who are losing motivation

What do I learn?

The course has 10 sections:

  1. How to start learning Spanish
  2. How to learn vocabulary
  3. Listening techniques and tools
  4. Speaking exercises and tips
  5. Reading tools and techniques
  6. How to use language learning apps
  7. Using social media for languages
  8. Spanish grammar
  9. Writing in Spanish
  10. Successful Spanish exchange sessions

How do I learn?

The course consists of:

  • 24 short video tutorials with pdf transcripts
  • 10 workbooks to make notes and log progress
  • Cheat sheet to speak like a native
  • Essential phrases for your first conversation

The course is normally £88 with 50% off code: BLACKFRIDAY20 it is £44.

Why buy this course?

This course is a set of resources that will not only get you started learning Spanish in the right way to get you speaking straight away but is something you will go back to throughout your language learning journey to get new ideas as to how to learn and stay motivated.

You can access the offer with code BLACKFRIDAY20 via the page: Online courses

3) Beginner Spanish Toolkit: Was £22 / NOW £11

This course teaches beginners the basics and most useful parts of Spanish to get you speaking as soon as possible.

What will I learn?

1) 200 Most Used Words in Spanish

It is amazing how well you can get by in Spanish just by knowing a small set of words. You will focus on learning the most important nouns, adjectives, verbs and pronouns.

2) Spanish Power Verbs

These are the most important verbs to master so that you can express your needs and wants straight away.

  • to need
  • to want
  • to be able to
  • to have / have to
  • to go
  • to like

Just by learning these key verbs you will be able to express your needs and wishes and ask questions in Spanish straight away.

3) Common Spanish Slang Expressions

Spanish is full of slang phrases that natives use every day. By learning some of the most common ones you can quickly start to understand Spanish people and how they REALLY talk as well as start to use them yourself. This will help you make good connections and build strong relationships with Spanish speakers.

You can access the Black Friday offer with code BLACKFRIDAY20 here: Online Courses

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