5 tips to stick to your new year language learning resolution all year!

Hello different languagesLearning a new language is one of the top 10 most popular new year’s resolutions. Here are some tips to help you stick to your resolution all year round:

1. Book a trip or holiday to the country where they speak the language you are learning: If you know you are going to need to speak and understand the language this will motivate you to keep on learning and progressing throughout the year. Once you come back you will probably be even keener to continue with the language.

2. Find ways to enjoy learning: There are many ways to learn a language, it doesn’t have to be just from books; listen to foreign music, watch YouTube videos in the language, listen to radio online, get a foreign recipe book, magazine or novel.

3. Set realistic goals: If you know you can only manage to learn 5 words a day don’t force yourself to take on any more than this. Don’t force yourself to read a complete novel per month if you know you only have time to read a couple of pages each day.

4. Find a language exchange partner: If you know you are meeting up with a native speaker once a week, either face-to-face or online this gives you a reason to practice the language regularly. Find language exchange partners at My Language Exchange, Conversation Exchange, and Italki.

5. Stick to short but regular study sessions. By spending just 15-30 minutes a day of quality study time is more effective than a 3-hour session once a week. This gives you an opportunity to regularly review new words and phrases which is essential for retaining a new language in the long term. Shorter time spans also mean that you are less likely to become distracted by other things.
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