Why learn Russian?


Learning Russian can open up many doors when travelling or building relationships. It is an excellent language to learn, it is unique to the more common languages that people usually choose to learn, such as French, German and Spanish and it is the ideal choice for anyone with a keen interest in getting to know people, culture and food.

Let us consider importance of learning Russian. I guess everybody knows that learning any foreign language widens his or her horizons, as while we are learning a language we are destined to know its culture, history, literature, people, customs and traditions and what not, isn’t that a good reason? I am sure it makes a person think deeper and understand many things even in politics and the surrounding world.

I mentioned culture and literature. I guess everybody has heard the names of Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but how many more famous names to call in the rich Russian history and literature, hundreds. Russian ballet is another treasure of Russian culture which is also associated with the Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow and with such big names as Rudolf Nuriev, Anna Pavlova, Maya Plisetskaya.

It is also worth mentioning Russians themselves, their mysterious nature. Well, we might all seem rather gloomy and straightforward, not very polite sometimes, may be it is how the cold Russian climate affects us, but finding yourself in a Russian home, surrounded by a Russian family you will be greatly surprised! You will be treated as a most welcome guest with all Russian hospitality and broad and generous soul. And you will probably try a few famous Russian dishes like borsch (beetroot soup), bliny with caviar (pancakes), Russian pies and Russian Vodka of course! That is when you will know everything about the mystifying giant Russian heart or the deep Russian soul, we all like mysteries. By the way we are a very superstitious nation, it is a bad omen for example to put an empty wine bottle onto the table or whistle indoors, the result – you will lose your money very soon. I have lots to tell, probably next time…

Russia is very vast and it has not only Russians living on its territory, Russia is a multinational state with over 185 ethnic groups living on its territory, they all speak their own languages but everybody’s main language is Russian. According to the Guardian in 2014 there are 150,000 native Russian people living in London, so you may even have friends, family or colleagues here that you want to communicate with in Russian.

And finally I would like to say that it is never late to start a new venture in life which can turn into something very special! Whether you want to learn a few of the basics, refresh your previously learnt skills or be able to communicate with friends and family, we can help you achieve your individual goals.

Read more about why people learn Russian in this article in the Guardian: Coming in from the cold.

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