New year, new challenge! Learn Russian!

Zara, Russian TutorMeet our Russian tutor, Zarema Remnant

Do you want a new challenge? Do you think life has become too boring and mundane? Cheer up! I have found you a new challenge! Start learning Russian! Are you scared? No need for that! You will find learning Russian so interesting, it will be like a big adventure, full of fun, amusement and delight!

Ah, I see what you think, a different alphabet with all those strange letters which we Russians call the Cyrillic alphabet! Relax, some people who started learning Russian thought the same, but after a couple of lessons they admitted there was nothing to be afraid of, it is so easy to read in Russian they said! I will let you know a few little secrets while learning to read, I will prove to you that it is not as hard as many think!

I am just the person who may help you to become dedicated and enthusiastic about learning Russian. Why me you may ask? I am a native Russian speaker, fluent in English too which helps learners.  I have a lot of teaching experience as I have been working as a teacher of foreign languages for almost 17 years. My last position was a Senior Lecturer at the Kazan State Agrarian University in Russia. I do not want to boast, but my students say that I have a gift for teaching. They may be right, there is something about teaching languages which I love, I guess I can find in any student his or her abilities, get them involved and help them to find their own ways of learning.

I would also like to mention my present students learning Russian who have already become my friends, and who are very determined in their goals and are as dedicated as me, and I am very proud of them all! They have found me all differently, but they are all so wonderful and it is such gift to know them. They are all learning for various reasons; some of them are University graduates who have a degree in Russian and they are brushing up their language skills with me, some are preparing for A-levels, some are learning for work as they do business with Russia, so I am teaching them Business Russian, others learn for leisure and there are even those who are dating beautiful Russian girls. You see, all have different ambitions, but they are all dedicated and never give up!

Well, that is all about me. I look forward to meeting you!

If you are interested in learning Russian, contact us today: (01733) 573467 / 07870 699404.

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