Tips for Mandarin Beginners (Part 4)

Ambition scaledTip 4: Writing

Writing is the formal way of transferring information. We use writing to record important things, such as producing poetry, literature, writing novels, magazines and newspapers. Here are some ways as to how you can improve your writing skills in Mandarin Chinese:

Break it down into small steps

Learning a new writing system such as Mandarin can be very difficult. The trick is to just try to learn a few letters or symbols at a time. Start with letters or symbols that look similar. And try to associate letters or symbols with familiar objects.

Keep a diary

Once you start writing sentences, keep them short. I have found that keeping a diary is a good way to learn every day verbs and vocabulary. Write down what happened during the day and how you felt. Make a collection book to keep your literary words in and after a while try to join them together to make longer sentences.

Write/Chat to a native speaker

You could also try writing to a native speaker of the language you are trying to learn, and ask them to correct you when you make a mistake. – find a Mandarin-speaking language exchange partner to chat with over email, text or voice chat.

Italki – practice the language with a native speaker who is also learning English.

The key is to be patient, don’t try writing something like a novel, it will come little by little.

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