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ValentinesSome tips to impress Mr/Mrs Right on Valentine’s Day

In Italy, as in most of the rest of the western world, Valentine’s Day takes over every year on 14th February. Everywhere you look there are cuoricini (little love hearts) and pupazzi (teddy bears)! Italy has a reputation for beauty and charm, so maybe we should take a leaf out of their book and try some of the lingo. Here are my top tips for an Italian San Valentino pieno d’amore (Valentine’s Day full of love!);

1. Surprise the one you love with un regalo fatto a mano (a homemade gift) when they wake up

2. Spend all day whispering sweet nothings;
ti amo (I love you) (pron. tea ammo)
sei bellissimo/a! (you’re gorgeous)
sei stupendo/a! (you’re stunning)
sei meraviglioso/a! (you’re wonderful)
cosa farei senza di te? (what would I do without you?)
sei la più bella/il più bello del mondo! (you’re the most beautiful person in the world)
auguri! (don’t forget this key word, as mentioned in my previous blog: Buon Natale!)

3. And calling them by cute nicknames (some of these sound strange translated literally but they are common pet names in Italy). You can also add an ‘ino’ or ‘uccio’ or ‘etta’ to the end of your loved one’s name to make it più dolce (sweeter);
amore mio (my love)
tesoro (treasure)
gioia (joy)
vita (life)

4. Cook a homemade meal for dinner (try a schiacciata – recipe in my previous blog) or maybe le ostriche (oysters) and cioccolattini (chocolates) for dessert!

5. Take l’amore tuo out dancing or hug them tight in front of a film a casa.

Don’t forget if you’re a guy to buy your sweetheart una rosa rossa (a red rose) for the occasion.

Buon San Valentino a tutti!

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