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“In 2013, corporations must invest more wisely and strategically in the Hispanic consumer – who are not only early adopters of social media and mobile device use, but are now translating their superstar status into super-consumers via social and tablet shopping. In doing so, Hispanic consumers have become super-trendsetters.” – Glenn Llopis, who wrote the Forbes magazine article, “Advertisers must pay attention to Hispanic consumers as rising trendsetters”, (9th January 2013).

There are 26 Spanish-speaking countries in the world and 469 million speakers. Companies need to make sure their products are understandable for Spanish-speaking consumers and no legal issues may arise for using unsuitable terms or concepts. We can assist in the market research stage and investigate the industry and competitors to help you identify new business opportunities in the Spanish-speaking world.

Social Media Marketing, Press & Online Reputation Management for the Spanish speaking market.

Social Media allows you to share information about upcoming products or events, and in return receive feedback on products or services. With a successful campaign you can gain valuable market penetration, increase your sales and create an open dialogue with your customers.
We can help you create a dialogue with your target audience and receive feedback on your products and services.

We offer a complete social media solution in line with your target audience and corporate image including:

  • Assistance with online marketing activities to improve your online presence, lead generation and visibility in the marketplace through the creation of a company profile on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social networks.
  • Management of conversations and the dynamics of participation.
  • Monitoring of the impact of social media has on your brand.
  • Consultancy of web 2.0 identity creation, corporate blogs, social bookmarks, online press notes etc.
  • Launch or optimise PPC campaigns (keyword research and expansion).
  • Analysis of your campaign results and additional recommendations for the management and improvement of your campaign.
  • Clipping and monitoring of relevant information for your business.
  • Greater media outreach by identifying Spanish language publications for your press articles as well as creating company newsletters and mailings.
  • Tailoring of content to either Latin American or Spanish markets since the language and dialect varies.
  • Native Spanish-speaking consultants are sensitive to and knowledgeable of Hispanic culture and know how to convey your message appropriately.

If you would like more information about how we can help your business take advantage of the many opportunities within the Spanish-speaking world contact us today.

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