Medellin, Colombia, the most innovative city in the world

Medellin is known by its residents as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ due to its warm weather and cool nights all year round. Now maybe they will add on to that description the fact that it is also currently the world’s most innovative city.

The city is the second largest city in Colombia and has come a long way since its Pablo Escobar and Medellin Cartel days. The city was chosen as the winner of this accolade because of the progress the city has made and the potential it has for further transformation. There have been huge campaigns for public libraries, parks and schools in the poorer hillside neighbourhoods and a large network of transportation links including a cable car and an electric escalator that make journeys up and down the steep mountain side a safe, quick and easy way of connecting the city centre with the neighbourhoods on the hillsides.

Medellin is a cosmopolitan Latin city with a buzzing feel of progress. The locals, known as ‘paisas’ are hugely proud of their city and it shows. They are very happy to see their city being placed on the world map for something hugely positive for a change, and so they should be. Medellin is a great city with lots on offer for visitors and tourists who are coming more and more to visit this impressive Colombian city.

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