Pedir v Preguntar

Both of these verbs in Spanish mean “to ask” but you would use each one in different situations. In this blog post we will explain when to use them.

To ask for something / to request something / to order a service or an item

e.g. Voy a pedir los postres ahora. I am going to order the desserts now.
e.g. Pedimos que vuelvan enseguida. We ask them to return straightaway.
e.g. Pido la carne bien hecha. I order the meat well done.

Preguntar: To ask a question / to ask for information

e.g. Pregunté a qué hora sirven el desayuno. I asked what time they serve breakfast.
e.g. Voy a preguntar si abren los domingos. I am going to ask if they open on Sundays.

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