Paisaje Cultural Cafetero – Salamina, Caldas, Colombia

Salamina 0Salamina is a beautiful, colonial town perched on the top of a mountain in the middle of the coffee region of Colombia. It is part of the Cultural Coffee Growing Landscape (Paisaje Cultural Cafetero) declared World Heritage by UNESCO and has also been declared one of the 14 towns that make up the Towns of National Heritage (Pueblos Patrimoniales). Salamina was founded in 1825 and still preserves much of its colonial architecture with wonderfully carved wooden doorways, beautiful balconies decorated with hanging flower baskets and houses built with guadua and bahareque (guadua bamboo, wattle and daub).

Salamina 1a

Visit Salamina and you fill find a delightfully slow paced town where you can admire the colonial architecture and stunning views of the coffee mountains at the end of every street. Take a break to drink a local brewed coffee prepared from the old traditional steam machines. In the afternoon, you can visit the antiques gallery in the Casa Rodrigo Jimenez Mejia where you can really get a feel of what life used to be like in this small town when the first settlers came here to make it their home.Salamina 2


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Just 45 minutes away is the small town of San Felix and the entrance to the National Park La Samaria, where you can go hiking or horse riding and discover the Palma de Cera, Colombia´s national tree that provides the habitat to many birds and animals.



Salamina is just 2 hours away from Manizales and 5 hours from Medellin, there are hotels, restaurants, crafts shops and much more to make your stay complete.

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