Language Acquisition: Why it is easier to learn foreign languages once you have mastered one.

website banner books photoIf your aim is to learn more than one foreign language, it is best to start with one of the easier foreign languages to learn such as one of the Western European languages. If your learning approach for your first foreign language was efficient then you will find it much easier to master additional languages. The reasons why more languages are easier to learn are as follows:

Similar grammatical patterns:

French, Spanish and Italian have similar grammatical patterns and structures. Once you understand how the tenses work, you will notice similarities between the languages.

Similar words and sounds:

Words are often similar to other words in another language. You can see the resemblance between the phrase “Good night” in the romance languages:
French: Bonne nuit
Spanish: Buenas noches
Italian: Buona notte
Portuguese: Boa noite

You already know “how” to learn a language.

From learning your first language you will have worked out which methods work best for you. By learning one foreign language you have already developed the necessary skills involved in mastering a language. You know how disciplined you need to be to progress. Some people learn best by watching foreign films or soap operas in the native language. Other people learn by studying grammar, speaking with natives, reading newspapers or books in the language or listening to songs and the radio.

It is definitely true that the more languages you learn, the easier it is to move on to the next language with much less work involved.

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