Hiring a private tutor – a wise investment of time and money!

Passing exams with flying coloursAn increasing number of parents with children in both state and private schools are “topping-up” their child’s education with private tuition. There are two main reasons why people hire a private tutor for their child; it may be that their child is struggling with a particular subject in school or is underperforming. On the other hand the student may already excel in a subject but needs to fine-tune their revision or exam technique to ensure that they obtain their first choice of university. Here are our top 5 benefits from hiring a private tutor:

1. Secure a first choice university place. It is vital these days for students to achieve the grades required to get their first choice of university course. There has never been as much competition. A private tutor will focus on the weaker areas to ensure they are 100% prepared for the exams and are equipped to obtain the necessary grade.

2. Boosts confidence. A good private tutor will praise the student when they do well and when they show signs of improvement which will make the child feel a sense of success.

3. Individual attention. In school most class sizes consist of around 30 students making it very difficult for teachers to offer one to one attention. Particularly with foreign language lessons you need time to practice the language to feel the sense of achievement and to gain confidence to communicate in the language. Private tuition sessions provide this essential extra practice.

4. Develops interest and motivation in the subject. Private tutors are usually very passionate about the subject they teach and enjoy sharing this with their tutees. Sometimes a student may be underperforming as they have a bad rapport with their teacher or they haven’t been shown the relevance or the importance of the subject in real life. The tutor can make the subject fun and help the student work on difficult areas by tackling them in a different way and help them recognise how useful it is in everyday life.

5.  Helps students with special needs or who lack discipline. A tutor can help students who struggle to keep up with other more abled pupils in their class at school. Other pupils lack the necessary study skills and self-discipline to complete their homework on time or stick to their revision plan leading up to the exams. A tutor will make sure the student is carrying out the necessary study in time for the exams.

Tips for choosing a suitable tutor:

• Ask at your child’s school or other parents if they know of an experienced and reliable tutor.
• Ask the tutor for references and a CRB certificate.
• Regular sessions are the key to success. Ideally lessons with a private tutor should take place once a week for a duration of one to two hours. It is more difficult to make satisfactory progress if sessions are taken any less frequently than fortnightly.
• If the tutor fails to build a good rapport with the tutor, don’t feel awkward about changing the tutor.
• Make sure that you are able to stop the tutoring sessions at any time without incurring costs.

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