A taste of Spanish summertime; Receta para gazpacho

Gazpacho is a cold, raw vegetable soup typical of Andalucía in the south of Spain but consumed all over Spain, Portugal and parts of South America. It is mainly consumed during summer due to its refreshing qualities and cold temperature. It is believed that it was introduced in to Spain as an Arab soup during the invasion of the moors. The traditional ingredients were garlic, olive oil, salt, vinegar and stale bread. It became particularly popular amongst farmers as it was a good way to cool off in the summer and to use up seasonal vegetables and stale bread. Now there are many varieties which may include ingredients such as meat, seafood, watermelon and grapes. However, the most traditional modern gazpacho recipe (see below) consists of tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt and stale bread.

Ingredientes para cuatro personas (Ingredients for four people)

1 kilo de tomates muy maduros (1 kilo of very ripe tomatoes)
1 pepino (1 cucumber)
1 pimiento verde y 1 pimiento rojo (pequeños) (1 green pepper and 1 red pepper) (small)
una cebolla (an onion)
un vasito de aceite de oliva (a small glass of olive oil)
2 o 3 cucharadas de vinagre (2 or 3 spoonfulls of vinegar)
1 diente de ajo (1 clove of garlic)
pan del día anterior (bread from the day before)
sal y pimiento (salt and pepper)

Preparación (Preparation)

Pela los tomates, el pepino y la cebolla; quita las semillas al tomate y a los pimientos.
(Peel the tomatoes, the cucumber and the onion; take the seeds out of the tomato and the peppers. [deseed])
Trocea las hortalizas y la cebolla. Pon algo en un plato.
(Chop up the vegetables and the onion. Put something onto a plate.)
Mete en el recipiente de la batidora, añade aceite, el vinagre, el pan y un poco de sal.
(Put it into the container of the mixer, add oil, vinegar, bread and a bit of salt.)
Batir a fondo y añade agua fría poco a poco, la sal y la pimienta. Si te gusta un poco picante agrega el diente de ajo picado.
(Beat well and gradually add cold water, salt and pepper. If you like it a bit spicy add the clove of chopped garlic.)
Reserva en el frigorífico hasta el momento de servir. Se sirve bien frío y acompaña con la guarnición de hortalizas.
(Keep in the fridge until it is time to serve. It is best served cold and accompanied with the vegetable garnish.)

Palabras Claves (Key Words)

pela = peel (pelar)
quita = take out (quitar)
trocea = to cut up (into pieces) (trocear)
pon = put (poner)
mete = put (into) (meter)
añade = add (añadir)
agrega = add (agregar)
reserva = keep / maintain (reservar)
sirve = serve (servir)
acompaña = it goes with / accompany (acompañar)

Other useful cooking verbs:

batir = to beat/whisk
condimentar = to season
hornear = to bake (in an oven)
rehogar = to fry lightly
doblar = to turn over / fold
coger = to get
cortar = to slice / cut

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