6 websites anyone learning Spanish MUST bookmark!

Spanish citiesHere are my recommendations for the best websites to help anyone learning Spanish. They include online dictionaries, podcasts, video channels and Spanish TV/radio channels.

Word Reference:

This is one of the best online dictionaries for language learners. If you need to look up a word, a phrase either Spanish to English or English to Spanish this is an excellent place. Not only do you get the translation but also example sentences to see how it is used. There is also a forum to ask questions to which native speakers will reply with tips and advice giving you a real insight into how the language is really used.

BBC languages:

This is a great site for both beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. It links to a wide variety of other sites for interactive exercises, audio and video clips, grammar and vocabulary exercises, games and activities for primary age children and GCSE students. It also lists many Spanish TV and news channels in both Spain and South America.

Study Spanish:

This site caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners with free learning material covering grammar, verb drills, vocabulary and pronunciation. It has over 1,000 pages of explanations with follow-up exercises so that you can correct yourself immediately.


Listen to native speakers from all over the Spanish speaking world talking about a variety of interesting topics. What is good about these videos is that they are all subtitled with translations making it easier to follow. You can also slow down the audio. A selection of videos are free but to access all of them you have to subscribe. The videos are all categorised according to difficulty level.


Another free Spanish audio website featuring podcasts on a wide range of subjects. You can select a channel that interests you most; news, movies, history, culture, books, humour, art, Spain etc. There is even a set of podcasts that are “slow” for beginner learners. Each podcast comes with the script and has follow-up exercises testing your comprehension. The site also has vocabulary and grammar tests. You can also obtain stats to keep track of your scores.

Notes In Spanish:

This is another website with podcasts to download (or from iTunes). Ben and Marina discuss many different topics in Spanish. There is an “Inspired Beginners” section with short sections of Spanish conversation after they have pointed out the key Spanish words and phrases and explained them in English. They pause and repeat the phrases to let you join in so you really feel that you are learning with them. There are intermediate podcasts that are entirely in Spanish and also an advanced section with faster audio and sometimes feature other native speakers.

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