6 tips to keep Mandarin learners motivated!

With over one billion Mandarin speakers in the world today, Mandarin is an important and popular language to learn in the UK today in order to stay connected with the outside world, especially with Brexit looming. But as is well-known, Mandarin is one of the more difficult languages to learn. Most people spend a lot of time on it just to learn a little bit, that is why people often give it up. Here are some tips to help you make learning Mandarin easier. Hopefully they will help you stay motivated.

Mental preparations

1. You have to be clear about why you decided to start learning Mandarin. Is it for fun, to travel to China, to talk to friends or relatives, for education, work or to expand your business? It will is much easier to continue learning when you have a goal to reach.

2. You have to try to forget your own language when you are learning Mandarin, because you can only learn something totally new once you let go of your current rules of your own language. Your own language will drive the new language out.

3. You have to enjoy the sound of the language and enjoy the whole learning experience and try to use it anytime and anywhere that is possible.

Key language rules

1. Tones: There are 4 tones in Mandarin. Correct tones are basic for Mandarin.  You will be easy to be understand if you use the correct tones when you speak Mandarin. For beginners apart from the first tone, the rest of them are hard. Only through practice will you master them.

2. Numbers: The numbers are extremely useful. Many things in everyday life need numbers. For example, when you talk about the time, quantities, money and payments, ages, degrees, making orders and so on.

3. Greetings: Try to use basic greetings very often. They are a good starting point when learning a new language. You will use them every day if you go to China and is the ideal way to start making friends and acquaintances.

4. Try to learn more nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and some short conversational phrases. These high frequency words can give you more chance to use Mandarin in real life and you will have more confidence in your Mandarin once you know more words.

5. Focus on phrases. Don’t worry about learning too much grammar at the beginning. You will understand it better once you start using more Mandarin.

6. Listen and speak: The two key skills for any language are the listening and speaking – they are the only way to really grasp a new language and the main ways we communicate everyday.

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