Why Watching Disney Films in Spanish is a Great Language Learning Tool!

Spanish disney moviesEveryone has a favourite Disney film or one that they have seen before and know so well. Why not turn watching a Disney movie into a fun way to learn or improve your Spanish?

Many people are finding that by signing up to Disney Plus they can watch their favourite Disney films in Spanish with either Spanish or English subtitles. You will be amazed how many new words you pick up!

In today’s blog post we will teach you how to get the most out of watching movies to learn Spanish.

Using subtitles

To start with you could leave the subtitles on so that you can really get to grips with the words and phrases. Maybe even make some notes of ones you think you will need and want to memorise. Then, watch the film again another time but with the subtitles off and see how much you can follow.

Great grammar test

Instead of sitting with a boring grammar book working through exercises on a specific tense, by watching a film in Spanish you will see a whole variety of tenses used in context which is a much more realistic way to learn.

Designed for children

Disney films are aimed at children so the language is going to be fairly straightforward which is ideal for adult learners of Spanish. This is exactly what beginner learners need to start with. Even as a complete beginner you can start to hear how the language sounds and pick out short phrases and individual useful words.

Quote famous lines

Often there is a famous quote or line in the film that you already know and remember. Now you can learn this in Spanish. This helps you learn about sentence structure and grammar rules but in a fun way.

Catchy songs

There is always a catchy song that gets stuck in your head. By watching the movie in Spanish, the Spanish version will get stuck in your head making it easy to memorise new words and phrases.

Hearing the accents helps pronunciation

The voices used for the voiceovers are native speakers so by following the subtitles and hearing the words pronounced you get to know how to say the words yourself. You could even pause it and copy what you have just heard. The more you do this, the more you will come to sound like a native speaker.

Listen again and again

You really need to watch the same movie over and over again to get the most from it. By watching the movie once you will only pick up a limited amount. Each time you watch it you will pick out more and more useful words and will become more familiarised with the sound of the words.

Practice what you learn

To really reinforce what you have learnt from the Disney film and to practice speaking you could tell a Spanish friend, colleague or exchange partner about the film. You could write about it, do a summary or a review of the movie to practise your written Spanish.
You can watch Spanish films not only by subscribing to Disney Plus but also by finding them on Youtube or Netflix.

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