Ways to enjoy learning a language!

Although learning a language is difficult for most people, there are many ways to make sure you enjoy it! If you choose ways to enjoy the language learning process, you will progress much more quickly. As one polyglot, Steve Kaufman once said: “You don’t have to learn a language in ways that you hate! Simply study the things you want to study, in the way you want to study them, so you can enjoy the process!”
Here are some tried and tested ways to enjoy learning any language:

Study what interests you

Just study what you want to study in a way that keeps you interested and motivated. You don’t have to study what someone else is, choose methods that work for you. Your friend might have learnt a language from just watching films and TV, however you may prefer to see words written down for them to stick. In which case, you may benefit more by reading foreign magazines or literature.

Study at a time that suits you

If you force yourself to stick to a set time to study a language yet some days you are simply too tired or stressed to concentrate on the language, you will not gain anything by forcing yourself to study. Just wait until you feel in the right frame of mind to take things in.

Shorter study sessions

Don’t force yourself to study for hours at a time, or do nothing all week and then spend all day Sunday studying. You will find that you will make much better progress if you study for shorter time periods but regularly throughout the week. You will benefit much more from say, three or four sessions of half an hour during the week compared with a 3-hour session once a week.

Find a language exchange partner

If you can find a native speaker of the language you are learning either locally or online to chat with so that you are speaking the language early on, this will build your confidence no end. Most people find speaking the most difficult skill when learning a language so if you throw yourself in at the deep end from day one, you are doing yourself a big favour as you are already memorising key structures and phrases. On the other hand, if you find speaking too difficult at first, work on your pronunciation by watching YouTube videos and copying their accent and sentence structure.

Make sure you choose what works best for you and you will soon find that you are spending more and more time on learning the language and if you enjoy how you are learning, you will progress with the language much more quickly.

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