7 reasons why you have no progress in learning languages

There are tons of  British literature books that have really gained popularity. A Christmas Carol, Harry Potter, Romeo and Juliet, The Hobbit. You name it. British Literature fans have even gone to the extent of learning the language themselves. They’d even ask British essay writers a thing or two about the British language and their culture. And that was when it all began. Foreign books, foreign music, foreign movies, and foreign everything. They’ve all become a rage for the masses.
There is no wonder why so many young people start attending language courses and buy tons of textbooks to learn something. The majority understand how many opportunities can be created thanks to learning another language. Hence, more and more students are involved. However, although it is quite popular nowadays and there is no doubt that it is useful for an ordinary person, a great part of learners do it with no success at all. They simply waste their time in the majority of cases because of the absence of an effective strategy. Sure, it is necessary to have some tested methods of learning languages if you want to reach success. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find them even while working with a tutor. You definitely have to make some efforts on your own in order to prevent learning things in vain as it often happens with students. Is there a recipe which guarantees you success in speaking a foreign language quickly? Of course, there is no exact way which is suitable for everyone. That is why you have to turn on your analytical thinking and look at the thing critically. In such a way, you will be able to choose the best methods for yourself and avoid dozens of challenges and failures. Here are 7 reasons which slow your progress:

Not Enough Dedication

Sometimes the main reason why you have no results in learning languages is that you pay not enough time and attention to it. Sure, it is clear that you have to rest, do your homework, enjoy yourself and so on. However, language studies demand a lot of time. If you are not ready to dedicate yourself to this activity, it is better not to start this process at all. The material has to be constantly revised and studied. Thus, you have to pay several hours every day to this even if you have to attend classes on languages. Of course, you can always find some hours to watch your favorite soap opera or party with friends. However, it is necessary to sacrifice such things in case you have a strong desire to speak a certain language fluently. Time is probably the most important thing in developing a perfect plan of studying. Love this activity, and you will not spend these hours with boredom and sadness.

The Lack of Motivation

On the other hand, the lack of motivation may become a serious challenge for the majority of young people who try to learn languages. As it was mentioned before, a kind of dedication is necessary for reaching success. If you are not motivated enough, you will probably fail at this point. It matters a lot and can be easily developed thanks to a correct approach to learning. How can an ordinary person motivate themself for studying well?
Languages open up dozens of new opportunities and give young people some beneficial chances. For example, it is much easier to find a well-paid job and cope with tasks at work. An average employee can take part in an international exchange program and share experience with foreign colleagues. For students, a good chance to study in a university abroad appears. Anyway, every educated person has to know at least one foreign language to show its intelligence and reach some important goals in the life.
• Furthermore, a person is able to travel all over the world and visit even the most hidden parts of the planet where global languages are not spoken. You will be able to touch the culture of these people and get in touch with their traditions and habits. It can greatly change your worldview. A person develops some new talents and personal qualities. He or she becomes more tolerant and respectful towards other people.
• Do not forget that being fluent in several languages is a great reason to be proud of yourself. It is a right sign of an educated person who wants to be superior everywhere. You will be able to read international resources, news, watch films and read books in original and so on. Without any doubts, it makes your knowledge enlarged and skills more developed.

Not Enough Speaking

It is not a secret that the majority of students can easily read texts in a foreign language but when they have to speak, the result is disappointing. These young people feel confused and cannot complete even the simplest phrase. As a result, there is no use of such learning as students do not gain any practical skills. Theory, as a rule, is not helpful in the real life, so it is better to practice your speaking and enlarge vocabulary. Do not forget that specific clubs where people who try to improve their speaking skills help each other and discuss different topics in a foreign language. You can do it as well and you will quickly see the progress. Moreover, it is a pretty good idea to talk to a native speaker. In such a way, you will understand how an average talk should look like and learn some slang words.

A Little Listening

On the other hand, the reason for bad progress is learning languages may be the lack of listening exercises, for example, when you have to write down things you hear and retell them. It develops some essential skills. You learn how to understand different accents and dialects which a language may have. Without this kind of knowledge, it is truly hard to contact native speakers and talk to them. Moreover, you can memorize a correct pronunciation in such a way and provide the success with complicated phonemes which can barely be learned from textbooks.

No Repetition

If you want to be good at foreign language studies, you have to remember that repetition matters a lot. Sometimes students can memorize information quickly and work well at classes. However, they forget this material after a week. There is no benefit from such studying, so you should revise things you have already learned from time to time. The absence of this simple option may ruin all your achievements and skills. In addition, it demands only several minutes per day to reread a certain topic and recall this information in memory. Doing some additional exercise to use it practically is also a pretty good idea.

Bad System of Studying

It happens that a student uses too old-fashioned system of learning a language and absolutely forgets about modern technologies which make this process faster and more effective. However, it is even worse when he or she does not have any system of studying and simply chooses random materials. It often happens with people who try to become fluent in a certain language on their own. In this case, your task is developing a plan first of all. Indicate the most necessary grammar topics, lexical parts of your learning and add some listening exercises. The main point is to combine these things successfully and have a structured studying process without randomly mixed topics which are not related to each other and useless for you at all.

Too Fast Learning

Sometimes beginners want to learn a language too quickly and this time is not enough to reach success in this field. They simply jump from one topic to another and do not memorize anything. There is no benefit from such quick and even extreme studying. You will probably forget everything soon after its finish. Languages demand training and practising which cannot be done during one lesson. A certain grammatical theme may be learned for weeks in order to make it absolutely clear for students. Thus, you have to refuse from all these advertisements about urgent courses of learning a language per one month. You will get a very low level as a result.
To sum up, there are some important reasons why you cannot make any progress in learning languages. These are not the absence of talent or diligence as everyone can cope with this task. You simply use incorrect strategy and have to fix it in order to reach success. Do not forget that a motivated and confident person can reach any goals and become superior in a desirable field. Language studies are not an exception. Moreover, benefits which such knowledge brings are incredible and really useful for life.

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