Tips for Mandarin Beginners (Part II)

Speaking tip scaledSpeaking

Speaking is the main aim when learning a new language. 80% of information is transferred through speaking. There are a certain number of words, phrases and idioms that you need to learn to get by when speaking a language. You do not need to know every word in a language to communicate effectively. Read on for some ideas to help your speaking:

Practical Tips:

Listen, copy, practice

Listen to a recording and imitate it. You could even record yourself on your phone and play it back so that you can hear where you are going wrong and which words you need to concentrate on improving. Try to use the phrases you have learnt in your conversations as much as possible.

Create flashcards

Put the useful daily Mandarin words, phrases and idioms on a small piece of paper or flashcard and keep them anywhere you can see them. By looking at them frequently you will keep them fresh in your mind.

Speak in front of a mirror:

Speak to yourself in front of a mirror, treat your reflection as another person. A lot of people who learn a language freeze as soon as they try to speak to a native speaking person because they worry they will sound foolish if they get it wrong.

So don’t be afraid to try, people will respect you more for making an effort. So remember don’t be shy, just speak Mandarin, you will learn lots from your mistakes. Remember keep speaking, you will improve the more you practise.

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