The 8 Best Ways to Learn English by Yourself

There is a common misconception that you need guidance and a tutor to learn English. Although many professors will tell you that classes are essential to your learning progress, this claim has no basis in science.

A recent study proved that self-learning and tutelage are equally effective and that the student’s work ethic and talent and the most important factors.

English is a truly global language and you can’t avoid it even if you wanted to. All the tools are around and we’ve decided to show you how to utilize them. In this article, you will master 8 ways that will help you learn English by yourself.

Prepare to enjoy the rich Germanic and Latin heritage and master every facet of everyday and academic speech.

1. Surround yourself with English

The best way to learn any language is to add it to your environment. Everyday use is the driver that makes average knowledge above-average knowledge. To fully master English, you must let it into every facet of your life. Here are some things you can do:

● Change your phone’s language to English. Although it might be difficult first, you will learn all the terms and their meanings because you will correlate that to their placement. For example, if the cog icon on your phone is next to “Settings”, you will know that it translates to “Ajustes”.
● Read what you like, but in English. Take some of your favorite books and find English translations of them. You will already know what’s going on, so learning won’t be a problem.
● Read original English works. Writers like Ernest Hemingway, Samuel Beckett and others had English as their mother tongue. Reading works that were originally written in English will help you learn all the bits and pieces English involves.

By creating an “English-friendly” environment, you will learn the language faster and grow comfortable with it. With this newly-found feeling of comfort, you won’t feel stress and your performance will get better.

2. Get rid of subtitles

Getting out of your comfort zone is essential and we can’t repeat this enough. When you’re watching movies or series, you will most likely want to use your mother tongue (or another language) to help you understand better. Resist the temptation.

Instead, watch everything without subtitles. You will be urged to listen more closely. Understanding real-life, spoken English is the hardest aspect of learning for most. If you get used to watching your favourite movies without subtitles, your overall English knowledge will improve.

3. Make it fun

A lot of English learners tend to lack motivation because they focus on the basics, like vocabulary and grammar. Keep in mind that language isn’t just a communication tool – it’s an echo of an entire culture and a large group of people. Spice your English lessons up with culture, literature and anything else that might interest you.

Reading about this like the Norman Invasion or the American War of Independence will help you learn the soul and the mentality of English-speaking countries. History, after all, is consisted of storylines, plot twists and other interesting instances.

4. Write essays

Essays are the most effective form of English use. You will be using your own thoughts and language-based resources to express yourself. Make it a daily or weekly habit and you will soon see results from your hard work and dedication.

After finishing an essay, you can send it to a thesis writing service like custom essay writing service for proofreading. Constant reviews and feedback from custom essay service will give you a good insight on real-time English use.

5. Listen to music

Music is an inseparable part of our lives. If you focus on English music, the language will slowly enter your entire being and you’ll find it much easier to use it. The main benefit of listening to English-speaking artists is that you will have a challenge. Music is fast-paced and words are usually spoken/sung/rapped in a way that you really have to invest the effort to understand.

Explore music on Spotify and find playlists that are suitable for your level of English. If you stay dedicated, you will have a lot of fun.

6. Find English friends

Meet foreigners! Although the best idea would be to meet people from the US, Australia or Canada, you can speak English with anyone. The best way to do is to organize yourself and travel with friends. If you’re in college, set aside time and money for trips to foreign countries.

If you can’t travel that often, sign up for language exchange programs. You can teach an Englishman or woman your mother tongue and they will teach you English.

7. Set achievable goals

If you’ve only started learning English on your own, don’t expect to be able to read papers in the field of microbiology just yet. It takes time for your mind to get used to using a new language. Set yourself realistic goals and don’t stress out.

Nobody learned English in a day. You have to be patient if you want to make English a professional asset in your career.

8. Combine it with other foreign languages you know

English can also be a tool to master other languages. For example, you can start learning English and combine it with another foreign language. You can create custom dictionaries and have two languages building one another up.

However, don’t use your mother tongue because your brain will instinctively translate, without understanding the meaning or the concept. Be disciplined.

Concluding thoughts

The key is to surround yourself with the right tools and to create an English-only environment. Our brains are quick to get used to changes and your English use will soon become automatic and effortless. Set realistic goals, be motivated and you will soon find yourself speaking English on a native level.

Having English-speaking friends is a great way to accomplish your goals and gain some valuable experiences that you will forever cherish.

Author bio

Kurt Walker is a professional editor and copywriter at RushMyEssay. His work and research allowed him to develop using custom essay writing help resources as a means to learn languages better. With his methods, many people have mastered foreign languages to perfection. In his free time, Kurt loves reading classic literature and jogging.

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