Tareas domésticas (Domestic jobs) [Ringing an electrician / plumber etc.]

A lot of people that I teach Spanish to are learning because they own properties in Spain and therefore sometimes need to communicate with local people. I am often asked to teach useful phrases when calling local tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians and builders. Here are some key words and phrases to start you off.

Necesito hablar con un electricista / un fontanero / un albañil. I need to speak to an electrician / plumber/ builder.

Busco a un electricista / un fontanero / un albañil. I’m looking for an electrician / a plumber / a builder.

Quisiera hablar con un fontanero. I would like to speak to a plumber.

Tengo un problema con el … I have a problem with the …

No funciona. It doesn’t work.

Está estropeado/a. It’s broken.

Hay una gotera. There is a leak.

Arranging an appointment:

¿Puede venir a verlo? Can you come to see it?
¿Cuándo puede venir? When can you come?
Tan pronto como posible. As soon as possible.
No estamos en casa hasta las dos … We won’t be at home until 2 o’clock.
Salimos a las cuatro. We are going out at 4.
Nos vamos para Inglaterra el … We leave for England on the …
¿Puede venir antes de las tres? Can you come before 3?
¿Puede venir después de la una? Can you come after 1?
Mi dirección es … My address is …
Mi número de teléfono es … My telephone number is …

When they are arrive:

¿Puede arreglarlo en el acto? Can you fix it straight away?
¿Tiene que pedir las piezas? Do you have to order the parts?
¿Cuánto tardará? How long will it take?
¿Cuánto cobra? How much do you charge?
¿Puede hacerme un presupuesto? Can you give me a quote?

Clearly this is just touching the surface of the type of vocabulary you may need. Our private Spanish lessons incorporate the above along with more specific vocabulary and dialogue practice to build you confidence when dealing with local tradesmen. If you would like to learn Spanish to improve your dealings with local people in Spain call Fiona 07870699404.

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