Spanish Greetings

Hola: Hello / Hi.
Buenos días: Good morning. [Use this until 2 p.m. (Spanish lunchtime)]
Buenas tardes: Good afternoon/evening. [Use this from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m.]
Buenas noches: Good night. [Use this after 9 p.m.] Diga / Dígame: Hello [on the telephone]
¿Cómo está?: How are you?
¿Qué tal?: How are you? [informal]
¿Cómo te/le va?: How’s it going? [te – informal / le – formal]
¿Qué pasa?: What’s going on?
Encantado/a.: Pleased to meet you. [-o ending when speaking to a man, -a when talking to a woman]
Mucho gusto.: It’s a pleasure. [more formal]
Bienvenido/a(s): Welcome. [-o ending when talking to one man, -a ending if you are talking to a woman, -os if you are talking to a group of men or a mixture of men and women. –as if you are talking to two or more women.]
¡Hasta luego!: See you later! [Say this to someone are likely to see again, for example, the local shopkeeper, the hotel receptionist on your way in and out.]
¡Hasta mañana!: See you tomorrow!
¡Adiós!: Good-bye. [Say this to someone you are not likely to see again soon. For example, the taxi driver at the airport.]
Nos vemos: See you. / We’ll see each other.

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