How to Say You are Scared in Spanish

Feliz Dia de las brujasExpresiones en español para expresar el miedo

With Halloween this week, here are some popular Spanish phrases to express fear:

Tener miedo: To be scared. [Literally: To have fear.]

Ella tiene miedo a las alturas.” She is scared of heights.

Asustarse: To get frightened.

“Me asusté tanto que me temblaban las piernas.” I got so scared that my legs were shaking.

Dar un susto de muerte: To give you the fright of your life.

“Me dieron un susto de muerte.” They gave me the fright of my life.

“El susto que me llevé fue tan grande, que tardé en reaccionar”. I got such a big fright, I froze.

Estar paralizado de miedo: To be scared stiff.

“Los niños estaban paralizados de miedo del monstruo.” The children were scared stiff of the monster.

Tener un miedo atroz: To be scared to death

“Cuando era pequeño tenía un miedo atroz de los perros grandes.” When I was little I was scared to death of big dogs.

Matar del susto: To scare to death.

“¡Casi me matas del susto!” You scared me half to death!

Estar muerto de miedo: To be scared out of your wits.

“Estaba muerto de miedo al ver el ladrón.” I was scared out of my wits upon seeing the robber.

[* Slang expression * used only with close friends and family:]

Cagado en las patas: To be scared ****less

“Cuando vi al lobo estaba cagado en las pata.” When I saw the wolf I was scared s***less.

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