Review of “Essential Holiday Spanish”

Online Spanish courseThis is a review of the self-study online course “Essential Holiday Spanish” for beginners to learn the basics to survive on holiday by using simple Spanish.

What to expect from this course:

– Learn by listening to REAL dialogues with a native speaker
– Learn basic Spanish phrases to talk to locals
– Reinforce what you have learnt with easy, fun exercises
– Practise your speaking with pronunciation tutorials

What is covered in the course?

The topics covered deal with all the common touristy situations you will find yourself in on holidays:

1) Meeting and Greeting people

The first thing you need to learn which goes a long way to helping make friends, is to know how to say hello and goodbye to people and how to ask simple questions.

2) Taking a Taxi

Being able to ask the taxi driver questions about the local area can be a real help to finding out the best places to go, what the weather will be like as well as just asking to go somewhere.

3) Checking in at the hotel

The receptionist will be pleasantly surprised if you can greet her and ask to check in all in Spanish. You will learn how to ask questions and the hotel facilities and meal times.

4) Ordering food and drinks

Of course this is one of the most important parts of your holiday! Learning how to order in Spanish can help make your eating out experiences much more stress free and enjoyable. You will learn how to ask for recommendations and what is included in meals.

5) Asking for directions

Even with it is so easy to use a smart phone to find your way around, it is much better to feel confident that you can ask for directions to a place and understand the answer from a local person. By learning a few simple phrases you will never get lost again in Spain!

6) Shopping

By knowing how to ask for things and the price you can easily find the best bargains around. This module will teach you the names of key items, how to ask for different colours, sizes, if you can try it on as well as how to haggle at the market.

7) Emergency situations

For peace of mind before a trip abroad where they speak a different language it is a really good idea to learn a few phrases just in case you find yourself needing to ask for help. This section will teach you how to deal with someone falling ill on holiday, if you are robbed or if you miss your flight home.


The course costs $144 but we run special discounted offers throughout the year.


Here are some comments from someone who has used “Essential Holiday Spanish”:

“This is without question, the best programme I have found for learning Spanish. All aspects of the language are here to learn whether you just need a few lines to help you while on holiday or as a complete learning process. Once I had started I just wanted to learn even more. It works for me. I have tried others but this is for me the perfect learning tool. I have improved my Spanish considerably and now have a Spanish contact who I am able to converse with.
This is certainly excellent value for money. Well put together and easy to work through. I cannot recommend this enough.” – Roy South

Why this course is different to others:

• Learn at your own pace.
This course is ideal for self-study and easy to dip in and out of whenever you have time.

• Learn what you want, when you want.
You don’t have to stick to the order of the contents. You may already be confident with greeting someone and asking the basic questions such as where they are from, their name etc. You may want to focus on ordering food and drinks for your next holiday or if you are staying at a hotel for the first time, you may want to work on this.

• Available on multiple devices.
The course can be accessed from your desktop computer, laptop or your tablet or smart phone. This makes it easier to use when you are away from home or on a break at work.

• Learn in context.
You study the most useful Spanish specifically for travel by listening to real dialogues. This makes learning much more authentic and easy to understand.

• Speaking practice.
As well as learning and memorising the words and phrases, this course actually gets you to practice saying them after listening to them spoken in Spanish.

Ready to get started?

If the sound of this course appeals to you and you like the idea of just learning the basics that you need before your next holiday, then click the link below to sign up:


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