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Spanish grammar resourcesWhy is it important to study Spanish grammar?

Grammar is the backbone of a language. It is said that, “It is the glue which binds a language together.”

Often people think they can learn a language without studying any grammar, mainly because they think it’s too hard and boring. To start with, yes you can quite happily do this, you could memorise a few phrases to just get by on holiday but to have a natural conversation with someone and to be able to say whatever you want to, you really need to study the key tenses, understand where adjectives and pronouns go and so on. This would help you understand how the language works.

Without studying grammar you will sound like you are just reciting phrases from your travel book. If you don’t understand how the sentences are structured you will find it more difficult to make up your own sentences and to memorise phrases.

In this blog post we will recommend to you the best Spanish grammar resources for learners:

Online Resources to learn Spanish grammar


– Interactive grammar exercises that you can check as you do them.
– There are 9 units taking you from the basics – nouns, adjectives to the most advanced – subjunctive.
– It uses sentences to show you how the verbs are used in context rather than isolated words.
– There are verb drills: You can click to generate a unique quiz for each lesson.
– For the quiz you can choose between 5 and 25 questions.
– Choose whether to include the “vosotros” form (if you are concentrating on Latin American Spanish you won’t need to know this form of verbs.)
– The site also has pronunciation practise and vocabulary grouped into topics teaching only the most important words.
Camino de Exito: This is a set of Spanish courses available by signing up for membership. Levels of membership include:
* free course based on their website with no access to audio and limited access to online tests and quizzes.
* Or you can pay $9.99 a month for full access to all website tests and quizzes plus the audio podcasts and longer vocabulary.

Spanish Dict

– If you go to “Language Guide” to read the lesson and then click on the “Quiz” on the right-hand side of the page to test yourself.
– The quizzes include multiple choice questions.
– You receive an explanation for each answer after you have completed the question.
– You can see your score and how many you have got right or wrong.

Spanish Dict also includes:

– Verb conjugations
– Interactive flashcards
– Translation
– Word of the day

121Spanish Grammar

– Good for beginners and for revision.
– It covers all tenses plus it has interactive grammar exercises such as filling in the blanks.
– You get instant results so that you can see your progress continuously.
– It explains all the jargon you come across with grammar. For example, it explains what a noun is, what an adjectives is, what a verb is and gives examples too.

123 Teach Me

– This features interactive Spanish quizzes.
– Printable Spanish worksheets.
– There are dialogues with audio.
– Pronunciation guide.
– It includes Spanish lessons and Spanish verb conjugation charts.

Spanish Language and Culture

– Provide fill in the gaps grammar exercises
– There is also cultural information about Spanish speaking countries
– Songs with lyrics, activities and guided reading
– There are Verb conjugation charts to help you check verb endings quickly.

Now let’s look at:

Hard Copy Resources

Practice Makes Perfect Series

This range has is a wide variety of grammar books. For example:

– Complete Spanish Grammar
– Basic Spanish
– Intermediate Spanish Grammar
– Spanish Verb Tenses
– Spanish Irregular Verbs Up Close
– The Spanish Subjunctive Up Close, and so on.

Spanish Grammar Drills, Rogelio Alonso Vallecillos

– More than 200 exercises
– Numerous examples to demonstrate how the language is used.
– There are review exercises to reinforce understanding and learning.
– This will help you become more confident when writing and speaking.

Teach Yourself Quick-Fix Spanish Grammar, Keith Chambers

– This is a handy resource to have. It is basically an easy-to-navigate quick trouble shooter if you need to quickly check a verb ending or grammar rule
– The style is short, simple and straight to the point
– It is very Good for beginners or intermediate levels who need a quick refresh of a grammar point or tense
– There are clear grammatical explanations of the key points, irregular verbs, exceptions to watch out for on the left-side of the page, with a few questions to answer on the right-hand side page.
– It’s a small pocket-sized book, easy to carry around with you or take on holiday.

Easy Learning Spanish Grammar and Practice by Collins Easy Learning Spanish

– This is a 3-in-1 study book: grammar – verbs – vocabulary.
– It’s good for beginners to teach the most essential parts of Spanish.
– The grammar covers hundreds of example sentences with the key grammar point highlighted.
– It includes 120 fully conjugated regular and irregular verbs showing all the main tenses.

– The main constructions and idiomatic phrases help you see the language used in context.
– It covers a wide range of vocabulary with 50 topics are covered. For example, family, jobs, hobbies, food and drink, shopping and education.

If you prefer traditional, textbooks for studying grammar or online resources hopefully there are some ideas above for you to try out.

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