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Learning Spanish on your own is hard.

Without a teacher or classmates it is easy to lose motivation.

You have no-one to make sure you are on the right track.

There are so many different resources and you don’t know which ones are good.

You don’t have time to research different resources.

This is why I created online Spanish courses to help people to teach themselves Spanish on their own!
My first online course “Study Spanish Solo” has been two years in the making.

Study Spanish Solo – $59 (Normally $118)

COUPON CODE: BLACKFRIDAY in the checkout page.


• To learn Spanish successfully on your own.

• When and how often to study.

• WHICH resources, websites and apps are the best without hours of research.

• HOW to use resources to get maximum benefit to improve:

– Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary


• How to speak like a native even as a beginner
• Essential phrases for your language exchange

What people are saying:

What is in the course?

• 24 short video tutorials with full transcript
• Each section comes with a workbook to log your progress and notes
• Cheat sheet to speak like a native.
• Ready-made Spanish phrases for language exchange session

Course Contents:

Section 1: Best ways to start learning Spanish
• Advice about how to get back into learning
• How to set realistic goals
• Choosing the right resources
• Tips to stay motivated
• How to organise and document your learning

Section 2: How to learn vocabulary and make it stick
• How to choose the right vocabulary to learn
• How to use flashcard apps
• Powerful memorisation techniques

Section 3: Better listening tools and techniques
• Most popular listening resources
• Tips to improve your listening skills

Section 4: Better speaking techniques
• Speaking exercises you can do alone
• Tips to overcome your fear of speaking
• CHEAT SHEET: How to speak like natives

Section 5: Better reading tools and techniques
• The best reading resources
• Powerful strategies to improve your reading

Section 6: Language learning tools
• The best apps for learning Spanish
• Tips to get the most out of an app
• Google Translate – tips, tricks and features

Section 7: How to use social media to learn Spanish
• How to use facebook, twitter and Instagram to learn Spanish

Section 8: Best ways to improve Spanish grammar
• Popular Spanish grammar resources
• 9 Simple steps to learn Spanish grammar

Section 9: How to improve writing in Spanish
• Creative ways to improve your writing in Spanish

Section 10: Setting up a successful language exchange
• How to find your perfect language exchange partner and make it work
• Essential phrases for your language exchange sessions

All sections come with a workbook to make notes and log your progress once you start using the resources, websites and apps recommended during the lectures.

Lifetime access to future updates.

The beauty of this type of course is that you can go back to the lectures time and time again when you want to try different resources plus you will have access to all future updates.

Purchase the course at HALF PRICE until 02.12.19! $59 (instead of $118)

Use Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY on the checkout page.

Steps to enroll:

1) Click this link which will take you to the sales page.

Download Spanish course

2) Scroll down to the blue box of the course you wish to enrol in; “Download ‘Study Spanish Solo’” or “Download Beginner Spanish Toolkit”.
3) Scroll down to “Featured Courses”. Choose which course you want to enroll in and click on the image. You may wish to upgrade to the Bundle Content which also includes the ‘Beginner Spanish Toolkit.’
4) Click on “Enroll in course”.
5) Choose which payment option you prefer. Then enter your information.
6) Use Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY to purchase at half price.

You will then instantly receive an email with access to the course.

Beginner Spanish CourseBeginner Spanish Toolkit

($15 – Normally $30)

You may also be interested in this mini course “Beginner Spanish Toolkit” which fits nicely alongside the main course “Study Spanish Solo”. It equips absolute beginners with everything they need to get speaking Spanish straight away.

Beginner Spanish Toolkit includes:
• 200 Most Used Words in Spanish
• Spanish Power Verbs
• Common Spanish Slang Expressions

By learning the most common words used in everyday conversation you will be able to communicate your needs and wishes in Spanish immediately. This course will help you build a firm base in Spanish, helping you to progress more easily to more advanced levels.

Spanish beginner course


Study Spanish Solo + Beginner Spanish Toolkit$66 (Normally $132)


Or why not purchase both courses together with the BONUS Course Bundle for better value! This way you will have everything you need to get on the right tracks fast with your Spanish learning journey.

I know that many people do not have time to attend an evening Spanish class or they find group situations too daunting or they perhaps cannot afford private tuition. With technology today it has never been easier for people to learn a language on their own and the aim of this course is to do exactly that.

Purchase once, use forever, throughout your Spanish learning journey!


OFFER ENDS 02.12.19

Spanish Course Bonus

If you have any questions about the courses before purchasing one, contact me here and I will answer your questions.

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