Making an appointment (in Spanish) – Pedir una cita

Shaking hands scaledSo you are in Spain to promote your business and attend meetings so you want to make the best impression possible. Rule number one – make an effort to do business in Spain in their language rather than expect them to speak English. Here are some useful phrases and questions you could learn to help you make an appointment with anyone that you need to:


Hello – Hola
Good morning – Buenos días
Good afternoon – Buenas tardes

Asking to speak to someone:

I’d like to speak to Mr. Gonzalez. – Quisiera hablar con el Señor González.
I need to speak to the manager. – Necesito hablar con el director.
As soon as possible – Lo antes posible
Is he available tomorrow / on Thursday? – ¿Estará disponible mañana / el jueves?
When can I see him? – ¿Cuándo puedo verlo?
What time? – ¿A qué hora?
Ok, perfect. – De acuerdo, perfecto.
I can’t, I already have an arrangement – No puedo, ya tengo un compromiso.
Do you have anything today? – ¿No puede atenderme hoy?

Understanding replies:

I’m sorry, he isn’t here – Lo siento, no está.
I’m sorry, he’s busy – Lo siento, está ocupado
He is in a meeting at the moment – Está en una reunión en este momento.
Well, he is available on Friday – Bueno, está disponible el viernes.
Is 9 o’clock convenient? – ¿Le conviene a las nueve?
How about 11? – ¿Qué le parece a las once?
What is your name please? ¿Cuál es su nombre por favor?
Mi nombre es … – My name is …

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