How to agree or disagree in Spanish

If you have ever had an in-depth conversation or discussion with a Spanish person you will know just how heated they can become! Spanish people tend to be very opinionated and once you get in a discussion with them or if you overhear one you may think they are arguing with each other by the way they speak so loudly, wave their arms around and stamp their feet. However, they are not normally arguing, this is just their animated way of expressing themselves.

In this blog post we will look at how you can agree or disagree with someone’s opinion in Spanish.

How to agree

Estoy de acuerdoI agree
ClaroOf course
Claro que síOf course (more emphasised)
Seguro que síI am sure
Tienes razónYou are right
Por supuesto Of course
No hay dudaThere’s no doubt
Yo tambiénMe too

How to disagree

No estoy de acuerdoI don’t agree
¡En absoluto!Absolutely not!
No creoI don’t think so
No lo veo asíI don’t see it like that
No tiene sentidoIt makes no sense
¡Qué va! – What rubbish!
No me digasNo way!

How to partially agree

Estoy de acuerdo hasta cierto puntoI agree up to a certain point
No lo veo muy claro I’m not quite clear about it
Puede ser, pero … – Perhaps, but
No estoy seguro/aI am not sure

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