Making a phone call in Spain

Often on holiday you need to make a phone call; to book a table at a restaurant, book a taxi or hotel room or call a local tradesman. Maybe you deal with colleagues and clients in Spain and regularly make calls abroad. It is a good idea not to rely on all Spaniards speaking English and more importantly it is good to offer at least a few words in Spanish. Here are a few key words and phrases to learn before making a phone call in Spain:

Dígame / Diga: Hello. [Literally, “tell me”]
¿Está Juan?: Is Juan there?
Sí, soy yo.: Yes, speaking.
No, no está. No, he’s not here.
Soy Carmen.: It’s Carmen.
Sí, un momento, ahora se pone.: Yes, one moment, he/she’s coming.
¿Quién es? / ¿Quién habla?: Who is it? / Who’s speaking?
¿Quiere dejar un recado / un mensaje?: Would you like to leave a message?
¿Puedes llamar más tarde?: Can you call back later?
Dile / (Dígale) que llamaré más tarde.: Tell him/her that I will ring later. [Dígale = more formal]
Dile / (Dígale) que me llame.: Tell him/her to call me.
Dile / (Dígale) que llame a Felipe.: Tell him/her to call Felipe.
Lo siento, no es aquí. Se ha equivocado.: I’m sorry, it’s the wrong number. You’ve made a mistake.
Está comunicando. It’s engaged.

Talking to an operator/Formal situations:

¿Me puede poner con …?: Can you put me through to …?
Un momentito que le paso.: Hold on a moment, I’ll put you through.
No contestan.: There’s no reply.
No cuelgue, por favor. Hold on, please. [Lit. Don’t hang up, please.]

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