Learn with native French, German, Italian & Portuguese tutors

One-to-one Skype lessons with native French, German, Italian & Portuguese tutors

We are delighted to offer one-to-one language tuition via Skype with qualified native Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German tutors. We have carefully selected the most talented and enthusiastic native tutors to continue providing a high quality tuition service.

Why learn with a native tutor?

Lessons with a native language tutor are perfect for:

• Practising your conversation skills
• Improving your fluency
• Building your confidence
• Increasing your vocabulary

You can also learn more about the culture and society of the country whose language you are learning.
It would be a fantastic idea to continue your regular language lessons alongside conversation lessons with a native tutor. They can help you improve your pronunciation so that you speak with a more authentic accent. They naturally know what words sound right together and they will help you learn the most up-to-date phrases used in any situation; informal or formal.
Even just a 30-minute conversation lesson with a native tutor would make a world of difference to your speaking ability and will boost your confidence no end.
Lessons with a native tutor are the ideal solution to gain practice leading up to a holiday or business trip abroad.
All of our native tutors are professional, experienced and passionate about teaching their language and sharing the culture of their country with learners. You are sure to benefit and learn a great deal from lessons with a native tutor.

Language lessons via Skype are affordable

Lessons start from £10 for 30 minutes, £15 for 45 minutes or £20 for one hour.

Contact us to find out more about learning French, German, Italian or Portuguese with a native tutor online or call Fiona on (01733) 759934 / 07870699404.

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