Interactive Spanish Picture Dictionary

Learn words quickly and easily with an interactive Spanish Picture Dictionary.

Although a standard Spanish-English dictionary is an invaluable resource, by combining the word with an image it is a much more effective way to learn and retain key vocabulary.
From client feedback it was clear that they needed a more useful method to learn words rather than just memorising word lists. As a result, I created an interactive Spanish Picture Dictionary with Powerpoint. It is organised into 20 key topic areas including over 800 slides.

How does it work?

The bright colours and vivid images make learning Spanish words more engaging and entertaining, which is why it appeals to all ages, children and grown-ups alike.

(1) Choose which topic you would like to concentrate on and open the file in Powerpoint.
(2) Set the “Slide Show” from the beginning.
(3) Move on from the introductory page by clicking “Enter” or press the forward arrow key.


(4) You will see the image with the English word above it. The Spanish translation will start to appear letter by letter below the image. Challenge yourself by trying to guess the word before it is spelled out completely.




(5) Either wait for the word to be completely spelled out or, if you already know the word and want to speed up the process, just click “Enter” or the forward arrow key to see the whole word. Click again to go to the next slide.

Which topics are covered?

Foods, Drinks, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat & fish, Colours, Clothes, The Body, Shops and Buildings, The House, Furniture, Household Items, Household Chores, Daily Routine, Hobbies and Pastimes, Time, The Weather, Transport, Animals, Opposite adjectives and Verbs.

* Perfect for beginners to learn new words as well as revision for more advanced learners
* Includes basic and advanced vocabulary
* Excellent revision aid – GCSE students will be able to show off a wide range of vocabulary in exams
* Ideal to browse when you have a spare ten minutes
* Upload to your mobile, PC or laptop

I am pleased to have received very positive feedback from clients who use the Picture Dictionary as it has made a big difference to the number of words they are now remembering.

Contact us to purchase the Spanish Picture Dictionary and start building up your Spanish word bank today!


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