How to talk about your hobbies and free time in Spanish

Free time in SpanishWe all have activities we like to do in our spare time whether it is a sport or a club you attend or something more unusual. One thing is for sure, when you are chatting to people in Spanish and trying to get to know them one of the key topics you will want to talk about is what you enjoy doing in your leisure time.
By learning how to talk about what you like doing in Spanish you will be able to engage in small talk and develop your conversational skills in the language. It will also help you connect with people who like similar activities and help you make friends.
In this blog post we will give you some key phrases to help you chat easily to native Spanish speakers about your hobbies and pastimes.

¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?

First of all you will probably want to ask the other person what they like to do. The key question is:
¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre? – What do you do in your free time?
To make it more formal you would say:
¿Qué hace usted en su tiempo libre?

Me gusta – I like

The most useful verb you will need is, “Me gusta”“I like”. This verb works differently to most verbs because you also need the initial pronoun to say who likes doing it.
Me gusta – I like
Te gusta – You like (1 person)
Le gusta – He/She likes
Nos gusta – We like
Os gusta – You like (2+)
Les gusta – They like
Another thing to remember with this verb is that if the thing that you like is plural, you need to add an “n” to “Gusta”:
e.g. Me gusta nadarI like swimming (Literally: I like to swim)
e.g. Me gustan los deportesI like sports
Other useful verbs that work in the same way as “Me gusta” are:

Me encanta – I love

To say that you really like doing something or that you love it, use, “Me encanta”. Again, if what you love is plural, add the “n”: Me encantan.
e.g. Me encanta correr – I love running
e.g. Me encantan los perros – I love dogs

Me interesa/n – I am interested in

This also works in the same way as “Me gusta” and “Me encanta”. Often people try to add “en” because they think they need to say “I am interested in …”. However you do not need “en” because you are literally saying “…. interests me”.
e.g. Me interesa la naturaleza. – I am interested in wildlife.
e.g. Me interesan las ciencias. – I am interested in science.

Other – useful phrases

En mi tiempo libre …In my free time
Mis pasatiempos son …My hobbies are …

Los Deports – Sports

el fútbol football
el rugbyrugby
el golfgolf
el cricketcricket
el tenis tennis
el baloncesto basketball
nadarto swim
la equitación horseriding
montar a caballoto ride a horse
esquiar – to ski
el ciclismocycling
montar en bicicletato ride a bike
el senderismo hiking
hacer la velato do sailing
deportes acuáticoswatersports

jugar al + sport

e.g. Me gusta jugar al fútbolI like playing football
Me gusta el fútbol I like football
*Juego al fútbolI play football
* jugar is a stem-changing verb, so the “u” changes to “ue” in the forms for “I”, “you”, “he/she” and “they”.

hacer – to do

For some individual sports you will need the verb, “hacer”to do.
e.g. Me gusta hacer yogaI like doing yoga.

Outdoor activities

la pescafishing
la jardineríagardening
acamparto camp
la naturalezanature/wildlife

Music / instruments

tocarto play (an instrument)
el pianopiano
la guitarraguitar
la bateríadrums
escucharto listen
bailarto dance
cantarto sing

Other hobbies

dibujar – to draw
pintarto paint
escribirto write
leerto read
sacar fotosto take photos
la fotografíaphotography
cocinar to cook
coserto sew
tejerto knit
el cinethe cinema
las películas románticasromantic films
las películas de horror horror films
las películas de ciencia-ficciónscience-fiction films
las comedias comedies
el teatrothe theatre
ir a los conciertosto go to concerts
ir al teatroto go to the theatre
ir de comprasto go shopping
jugar a las cartasto play cards
coleccionarto collect …
jugar los videojuegosto play computer games
navegar por internetto surf the net
viajar to travel
If you try to learn the correct Spanish phrases to describe what you like doing in your free time you will be able to talk easily to Spanish people about fun things that you enjoy. Hopefully there will be some things here for you to learn and chat to with a Spanish person soon.
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