7 Creative Spanish Writing Practice Ideas

Writing in SpanishMany people think that writing in Spanish is too difficult and they will never get the hang of it. This is a complete myth. If you start small and build on that regularly then over time you will find that you find it easy.
People do not realise that being able to write in Spanish is a crucial part of improving your Spanish.
It teaches you to put into practice what you have learnt. It helps you try out your own sentences and helps you become fluent and eventually able to say whatever you want in Spanish.
In this blog post we will look at some creative ways that you can get good writing practice in Spanish.

1) Blogging

By writing blog posts in Spanish you can look back over time and see how far you have progressed. Write about anything that interests you.

Websites that you can use to create blog posts are:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger

Keep a note-keeping app on your phone or tablet for when you have inspiration to write and are not near a computer or notebook. For example a good journaling app is Day One.

2) Find a writing buddy


HelloTalk is a messaging app for language learners. You can send and receive messages with a native Spanish speaking person in another country. You can search for someone or let someone find you.
– Messages are free along with international phone calls.
– It reads out text messages you receive in Spanish so you can improve your listening and also pronunciation.
– You can speak Spanish into your phone for it to type what you say.
– It corrects your spelling and grammar.
– If you are more of a beginner you can even speak and write in English and it will translate it into Spanish for you.


iTalki is mainly used to find a tutor or exchange partner but most useful for writing is its italki Notebook.
– It is a simple blog for language learners.
– Just type out your blog and post it. The longer and more in-depth the better you will get feedback from readers who are native Spanish speakers.


– You can use the free app “Whatsapp” to type out short messages.
– You can send short audio recordings to your Spanish friends who can correct you and send feedback.


– Reddit has diverse content: full of online learning tools and grammar lessons as well as even Latin music and dance.
– It is an international community so you can discuss the Spanish language, culture and events taking place in Spanish speaking countries.
– It is interactive so you can post content for other people to see and comment on and give feedback.


Lang-8 has native speakers correct your writing for you.
– You receive immediate feedback.

Penpal World

Find a Penpal with Penpal World. If you prefer offline chatting, find yourself a penpal to write to by traditional letter writing in Spain, South America or Mexico. As well as practising your writing in Spanish, you will also learn about their country and culture.

3) Stay in touch with foreign friends

– Keep in touch with friends you made on holiday, from university or colleagues you used to work with.
– Write to people you stayed with in Spain or on your immersion program.
– With social media such as facebook, it is so easy these days to stay in touch with people from all over the world.

4) Use social media

– Set up a separate Twitter, facebook or instagram account to post in Spanish. Follow Spanish people.
– You could write your thoughts in Spanish and connect with others.

5) Time your writing activities

– Add a challenge and pressure to your writing by timing yourself. This will keep you motivated to improve.
– Set a timer for 10, 20 or 30 minutes and set a goal for that time and see what you can come up with.
For example, you could set yourself 30 minutes to write a blog post and see how many words you can write and count how many mistakes you make. Try to improve on this the next time you do it. Or set 10 minutes to write your diary entry for the day.
– If you know you only have to do it in 20 minutes, you are much more likely to actually do the writing task than skip it because you think writing a blog is too difficult or will take too long.

6) Write a diary

– You could write about your daily activities or experiences.
– Most people’s days are all different – you do different things, you meet and see different people, different things happen to you. Why not write about your day in Spanish. Describe places, people, your thoughts and feelings.
– If something funny happens, write down how you would explain what happened to someone in Spanish. This is great to get practice at describing funny things and telling jokes in Spanish.
– You are bound to come across new words that you didn’t know in Spanish so note these down on your vocabulary lists or flashcard app to review later.

7) Use writing prompts

If you are not that creative and you struggle to know what to write about, why not use writing prompts to make it easy for you? For example, the book “Wreck This Journal” can help you to know what to write about as each page has a different prompt to get you writing about something.
If you keep going with these simple writing ideas regularly and keep reading a variety of Spanish material you will soon find that your Spanish writing is flowing almost like a native Spanish speaker!
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