5 reasons why companies should invest in their employees’ language skills

Think Global scaled1. Expand your client base

Multilingual employees are able to attract more bilingual clients allowing you to grow your business globally by tapping into foreign markets.
Multilingual sales staff, customer service and marketing experts can reach out to new customers more effectively if they are speaking in the same language as potential clients.

Global communication scaled2. Develop English skills of foreign employees

As English is the universal language of business, foreign staff may need help to improve their English to communicate better with other employees and customers. This may be for face-to-face speaking, writing emails, making phone calls or giving presentations. We work with international companies who regularly bring over employees from offices abroad to improve their English.

3. Diversity

Bilingual people who have grown up in another country or have lived in another country with a different culture bring new ideas and ways of developing your business. By employing foreign speaking staff you are increasing diversity and creating more opportunities for your company’s growth in the long-term.

4. Better problem-solving skills

Researchers say that people who have learnt another language have better executive functions in the brain making them better at problem-solving and analysing as well as having a greater ability to multitask, all of which employers highly value. Scientists even believe that by learning another language your brain actually ‘grows’.

5. Attract higher-calibre employees

By offering language training to staff, you are giving them more opportunities therefore they will feel valued which increases morale and hence their performance and productivity will improve.

So if you are ready to invest in your employees’ language skills contact us today to enquire about our in-company language training.

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