4 Reasons to Start Learning a Foreign Language at College

Studying at college is a valuable investment in a successful future. But every student can add up to it by learning a foreign language during these years.

Why? Because it has lots of benefits, starting with the improved ability to multitask and ending with exciting career opportunities. Also, studying at college is a great time for students to invest in self-development, explore, and learn new things and skills. So let’s find out more.

Learning a Foreign Language Improves the Mother Tongue as Well

It may sound controversial, but various scientific researches and studies support this idea.

Here is the deal. While learning a second language (which can be referred to as L2), students can improve their mother tongue or first language (L1). It is especially true when it comes to grammar.

Usually, people do not pay much attention to the grammar of their mother tongues. But learning makes them keep an eye on this aspect regarding unfamiliar language. It increases the awareness of the native language’s grammar, and so improves the mother tongue.

It is especially crucial for college students as they write lots of essays in their mother tongue where perfect grammar is vital. It may be useful to learn a new language and couple it with helpful resources that employ professional essay writers, such as this one. In such a way, students will not only learn a foreign language but also take their essay writing skills to a whole new level.

Learning a Foreign Language Helps Multitasking

A college is a busy place, and studying there can be challenging. Students have to juggle various responsibilities — learning, part-time jobs, personal life… No wonder that multitasking is a vital skill for every college attendee.

Yes, learning a foreign language is extra weight students have to add to their busy schedules. But it will help them multitask effectively and do more in less time.

Judith Kroll, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Penn State, says that people who speak more than one language are better at focusing on important information. At the same time, they pay less attention to unimportant tasks and pieces of information.

This ability allows them not only to prioritize tasks more effectively but also to juggle different projects simultaneously. So, it is wise to learn a new language to become more productive — especially in a demanding college setting.

Learning a Foreign Language May Decrease the Risk of Dementia

Dementia is a horrible disease that strikes lots of people. The World Health Organization reports nearly 10 million new cases every year. And even though dementia is the most common in older age, there is something we can do while young to reduce risk.

Learn a new language!

Research published on NCBI has shown that bilingualism (ability to speak two languages) is linked with a reduced risk of dementia. Specifically, Alzheimer’s disease.

How? Learning a new language allows for enhancing our cognitive reserve. It means that the brain can withstand neuropathological damage and stay healthy.

Think about it this way. When people are learning a new language, they constantly shift between two (or even more) tongues. And it is an excellent exercise for the brain that enriches its cognitive reserve.

Learning a Foreign Language Opens up New Career Opportunities

Studying at college is a great way to open up new career opportunities and get a better job in the future. But, it is possible to enhance this effect even further by learning a new language.

The world today is more globalized than ever, and there are lots of exciting job openings in different parts of the globe. The ability to speak more than one language allows students not to be constrained by one state but to search for a job abroad.

Someone may argue that English is a widespread language that is used in almost every part of the world. True, but learning a native language of the country you may plan to go has some extra benefits. For example, expats who are fluent in local dialects can integrate into society more smoothly.

Final Words

Learning a foreign language has so many amazing benefits. Think about the ability to multitask, make meaningful connections with people and a chance to land a better job in the future.

Plus, learning a foreign language is fun! By studying a new tongue, we can crack cultural codes and get to know people around us better. In the modern globalized world, this ability is especially important. So, it is wise not to miss this opportunity to learn and become a better version of yourself.

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